Are State Investigations Aimed At Skeptics Unconstitutional?

In a word, yes

State Attorney General Climate Change Investigations Are Unconstitutional

Should government officials be able to cut off donations to groups because they employ people disparaged as “climate change deniers,” even if the group in question is a think tank that studies a wide range of topics, only a few of which relate to climate change at all, and the “denial” in question includes telling politically inconvenient truths about the cost of proposed climate change legislation? Only a single-issue zealot with ideological blinders and a contempt for the First Amendment would think so.

Of course, Warmists are Zealots, and utterly intolerant to the point of wanting, at a minimum, to shut public discourse down. The piece itself is regarding the investigations of ExxonMobil by multiple Democratic Party AGs, and very much serves as a reminder about the abusive power of government.

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2 Responses to “Are State Investigations Aimed At Skeptics Unconstitutional?”

  1. Dana says:

    The left in general are intolerant and bordering on fascism, and it isn’t just concerning global warming climate change. If you are a Christian, you might think that atheists are on the road to Hell, and might even be willing to say so, in public, but Christians generally leave atheists alone. The atheists, on the other hand, try to use the power of government to stifle every public expression of religion.

    If you are normal, you might think that homosexuality is wrong, sinful and perverted, but you don’t generally go around trying to force homosexuals to convert back to normalcy, and you generally leave them alone. If you are a homosexual activist, you aren’t happy with simply being left alone to copulate with whomever agrees, but try to use the power of government to force normal people to accept you as normal, and provide services for same-sex ‘weddings,’ and try to get them fired if they supported Proposition 8.

    If you are conservative, you might not like it when the left attack good people like Ted Cruz, but you respect their freedom of speech. If you are liberal, you don’t debate the issues with conservatives, but try to shout down people who disagree with Barack Hussein Obama as filthy racists/ sexists/ homophobes/ whateverists.

    Liberalism and liberty are proving to be mutually exclusive.

  2. Hank_M says:

    “Liberalism and liberty are proving to be mutually exclusive.”

    Excellent point.

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