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If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled boat causing the sees to rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Adrienne’s Corner, with a post wondering of Obama called the family of Tanya Chamberlain. Had to end with something featuring the best Bond ever.

Warmist Admits Persecuting Exxon Mobile Is “Just A Tactic”

Thanks to Junk Science for finding this tidbit, as Professor Brendan Nyhan admits the truth in the NY Times For years, activists and scholars have contended that groups who reject the scientific consensus on climate change are employing tactics once used to create doubt about the dangers of smoking. Now environmentalists are taking a page from tobacco opponents by […]

Things Get A Bit Awkward During MSNBC Democratic Forum

Did you know that the Democratic Party candidates were part of a forum Friday night? (Slate) The three candidates running for the Democratic nomination gathered in Rock Hill, S.C., on Friday night for a we-swear-it’s-not-a-debate forum hosted by MSNBC. The night didn’t provide much in the way of drama—or hard news per se—but it was […]

NY Times Editorial Board: Rejecting Keystone XL Is Also A Moral Decision Or Something

You have to love a newspaper which yammers on about morality, when they are 100% in the bag for all abortion on demand, including late term for no reason. Oh, and a paper which whines about fossil fuels yet uses vast amounts itself to distribute their paper edition using fossil fueled vehicles. And their decomposing […]

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