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Bummer: Goodly Chunk Of 1st World Not Too Concerned About Climate Change

This is the result of 30+ years of spreading awareness, along with all the apocolyptic doomsaying, especially over the past 15 or so Only 1 in 2 Canadians believe climate change is a serious issue: survey Climate change is on the world’s radar as a significant issue, but a new survey has found a large difference […]

If All You See…

…are trees that were cut down to build a giant McMansion, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Hockey Schtick, with a post on the “lukewarmer” position.

Illegal Aliens Trot Out Their “Bill Of Rights”

Instead of being humble and telling us how much they want to be part of this great nation, they make more demands. The article is also available over at the Washington Times, except there are zero links (WND) The pro-amnesty “United We Stay” nonprofit has created a “Bill of Rights for Undocumented Americans” demanding the country read […]

New Jersey Democrats Look To Force Gun Shops To Carry Smart Guns

Nothing says “free market” like government forcing privately owned businesses to sell a specific product (NJ.com) More than a dozen years after passing a “smart gun” law that is now blamed for stopping them from being sold across the country, state Senate Democrats on Thursday said they want to revamp the law and force gun […]

Having Nothing Important To Do, NY State To Investigate Exxon Mobile Over ‘Climate Change’

Perhaps they should worry about the crime problem in the seat of state government, Albany, which is the eighth most dangerous city in NY State, #14 when property crimes are thrown in to the mix. Perhaps they should worry about the lackluster economic conditions, unemployment rate, cost of living, and high taxation. Or all the […]

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