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Obama: Climate Change Conference A Rebuke To Murderous Terrorist Scum

And he surely wonders why his polls on fighting terrorism are dropping like a stone. ISIS is, sadly, laughing their heads off at this man who is divorced from reality Obama: U.N. Climate Change Conference Will Be 'Powerful Rebuke to the Terrorists' https://t.co/kAiAez9Kkc (VIDEO) pic.twitter.com/0Jny08jl1o — Mediaite (@Mediaite) November 24, 2015 From the link “Next […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible waste of non-renewable water to clean up dishes from a horrible Thanksgiving big carbon footprint meal, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Liberty Zone, with a post on fake clock kid Ahmed suing for $15 million. BTW, consider all IAYS posts to be open threads […]

Say, Can We Avoid Climate Apocalypse?

One would think this kind of outright over the top unhinged climate hysteria (climasteria?) would be someplace like Grist, Climate Progress, etc, not at one of the world’s premiere news organizations, CNN Can we avoid climate apocalypse? It’s probably the most important number you’ve never heard of: 2 degrees Celsius. That’s when climate change starts […]

We Need To Scare People About ‘Climate Change’ To Make Them Care

Here in the 1st World, most people really do not care about anthropogenic climate change. Heck, they barely care about climate change as a natural phenomenon. While many say the are Very Concerned, almost every single poll shows ‘climate change’ to be last or next to last on a list of concerns. Hence, Toronto Star […]

ACLU Sues Indiana Governor Mike Pence For Refusing Syrian Refugees

The ACLU is very upset over the civil rights violations of people who aren’t Americans and have no Constitutional Rights. But, we should wonder, is this really about civil rights? Or something else? (USA Today) Gov. Mike Pence is facing a federal lawsuit that challenges his power to block Syrian refugees from resettling in Indiana. […]

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