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What’s The Biggest Sticking Point For Paris Climate Talks?

What could it be? Asking Warmists to reduce their own carbon footprints? Spreading more awareness? The biggest sticking point in Paris climate talks: money …… Another critical policy issue that is at the center of the Paris agenda is an age-old one: money. Going into the negotiations, there is a goal to scale up existing efforts […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled boat causing the seas to turn to acid, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post recommending reading Ted Cruz’s tax plan.

EPA Pushes For Allegiance To Cult Of Climastrology

When do Warmists start goose-stepping around the square? In locally produced PETA approved boots, of course (Climate Depot) Speaking to classrooms across America in a live virtual event, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy presses for school children to take EPA’s Energy Star climate pledge to “become part of the climate solution.” McCarthy: “Get those pledges in. Work […]

Leaked Memo Shows Ways Obama Admin Looking To Circumvent DAPA Injunction

If you’re a law abiding US citizen using your Constitutional rights in forming a Conservative group, you’ll be attacked by the IRS. If you’re an illegal alien, you’ll be rewarded by the Obama administration. When a judge says “stop”, you’ll look for ways around the injunction to help out those illegals (The Hill) A newly […]

Dashcam Blows Away Claim Of Racial Profiling In Texas

Pro-tip: when making a claim of racism against the police, make sure they don’t have any sort of recording device (Fox News) A Texas journalism professor’s explosive charge that police hassled her for “walking while black,” a claim lodged in a guest column in the state’s biggest newspaper, doesn’t square with the videotape, according to […]

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