We Need To Scare People About ‘Climate Change’ To Make Them Care

Here in the 1st World, most people really do not care about anthropogenic climate change. Heck, they barely care about climate change as a natural phenomenon. While many say the are Very Concerned, almost every single poll shows ‘climate change’ to be last or next to last on a list of concerns. Hence, Toronto Star writer Emma Teital wants to scare people

Canadians need shock tactics in fight against climate change: Teitel
The new Liberal government needs to scare citizens into caring about global warming, and doing something about it.

On Monday Justin Trudeaumet with Canadian premiers to discuss a problem most people (myself included) either ignore completely or lament for 30 seconds before changing the subject to more current, pressing matters.

That problem is climate change, the alleged End of Days brought to you by selfish, insatiable mankind. Trudeau will attend the UN climate change conference in Paris next week, but before he sets off, he’d like to showcase Canada’s new-found environmental fervour to the wider world.

And yet, whether next week’s Paris talks and subsequent meetings with premiers are fruitful — whether in fact, our government changes its policies in any meaningful way regarding the oilsands or any other issue pertaining to the environment — one has to ask: how much does policy matter in combating climate change, if people by and large do not give a damn about it?

Based on the actions of Warmists, their only care is on how to use the topic as a means to push for more Progressive policies, which, strangely, they never seem to understand that those policies will give Government lots and lots more control over their individual lives, as well as increase their cost of living while at the same time reduce the quality of their modern lifestyles.

Which is why I’d wager that the only way world leaders and activists can change human perception of climate change, in addition to public policy, is through a healthy dose of fear mongering. In fact, political fear-mongering, a tactic used in this country to prejudice us against a small minority of niqab-clad women, is actually prudent in the fight against climate change, a material threat that, unlike the others mentioned, will wreak havoc in our land.

The Cult of Climastrology has been “spreading awareness” for 25+ years, and has been using Scary Fables for a goodly chunk of that time. In fact, there were scary stories trotted out in the early 20th Century about the danger of warming from Mankind’s actions. Followed by scary stories of a coming ice age in the 60’s and 70’s. Now we’re back to warming. The common thread is that they all attempt to create more and more government, along with more and more government power. And taxation. Yet, the people who believe in it the most refuse to make more than token changes in their own lives.

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