Bummer: Goodly Chunk Of 1st World Not Too Concerned About Climate Change

This is the result of 30+ years of spreading awareness, along with all the apocolyptic doomsaying, especially over the past 15 or so

Only 1 in 2 Canadians believe climate change is a serious issue: survey

Climate change is on the world’s radar as a significant issue, but a new survey has found a large difference in levels of concern depending which nation you ask.

A Pew Research Centre survey of 40 nations found a global median of 54 per cent consider climate change a very serious problem.

Break that down by nation and you’ll find a wild range: China came in at just 18 per cent agreeing, while an overwhelming 86 per cent of Brazil respondents agreed. Canada fell in the middle, with 51 per cent agreeing global climate change is a very serious problem.

For the U.S., just 45% saw climate change as a serious issue. The median internationally is just 54%. Congratulations on so much success, Warmists! All those hundreds of billions of dollars, both private and government (taxpayer) spent for this.

Here’s the question asked: Q32. In your view, is global climate change a very serious problem, somewhat serious, not too serious or not a problem?

I’d answer somewhat serious, because, regardless of the causation, weather/climate changes can have both positive and negative impacts, as it always has. UHI and land use seem to have more of an effect on us personally.

Obviously, poor countries are jumping on the bandwagon to get some of that sweet, sweet climate cash.

Don’t worry, the Cult of Climastrology, which refusing to make substantive changes in their own lives, will continue to beat this drum beyond when it’s broken in order to push their far far left Progressive (nice fascist) policies. Right up to the point where the average Warmist realizes that these policies actually hurt their own lives.

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