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Bummer: “Climate Change” To Ruin Valentine’s Day

It’s not even February and Warmists are already trying to ruin yet another holiday (UK Guardian) Environmental campaigners are calling for people to declare their love for the planet on 14 February – Valentine’s Day. The Climate Coalition, made up of more than 100 UK organisations campaigning for action on climate change, is asking people […]

If All You See…

…is an evil plastic water bottle causing the atmosphere heat up and dump huge amounts of snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Nice Deb, with a post on the State Dept. hosting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Good News: USA Has 78.9% Change It Will Survive Hotcoldwetdry

Though, if you really want to survive, you’ll have to move to Norway, which has an 82.7% chance The Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change In One Infographic Climate change is real, and it’s coming. But we’re all going to be affected in different ways. How will your country fare? The folks at Eco […]

Now That Obama Has “Normalize” Relations, Cuba Gets Demandy

We’re beginning a new chapter in our relationship, you know (Wall Street Journal) Cuban President Raúl Castro demanded Wednesday that the U.S. return the base at Guantanamo Bay, lift the half-century trade embargo on Cuba and compensate his country for damages before the two nations re-establish normal relations. Mr. Castro told a summit of the […]

Want To Shovel Snow For Money? There’s A Permit For That

A few entrepreneurial teens in Bound Brook, NJ, learned in a valuable lesson in government dominance Bound Brook cops stop teens seeking snow shoveling work School was closed for the blizzard that wasn’t, but there was still enough snow on the ground that two Bridgewater-Raritan Regional High School seniors thought they could make a few […]

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