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FDA Diet Guidelines Might Consider “Climate Change”

Why? Because *mumble mumble garble*, and if you’re asking, you must be one of those icky skeptics (sneer) (AP)  For years, the government has been issuing guidelines about healthy eating choices. Now, a panel that advises the Agriculture Department is ready to recommend that you be told not only what foods are better for your […]

Hooray! Obamacare Employer Mandate Takes Effect

What will the effects be? Time will tell (via The Right Scoop) (Washington Times) Starting in 2015, companies with 100 or more workers have to provide affordable insurance to at least 70 percent of their employees or pay heavy fines under the “employer mandate,” which was supposed to take effect at the start of this […]

If All You See…

…is snow created by too much warmth, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on liberals back to pushing gun control.

Dissatisfaction With Government Tops List Of American Concerns

I’m not going to make this post about “climate change”, but, can you guess what’s missing? (Washington Times) Dissatisfaction with government topped the list for Americans of most important problems facing the country last year for the first time in Gallup records, also marking the first year since 2007 that the economy was not the […]

NC Sea Rise Doom: A Lesson In A Warmist Narrative

When Conservatives talk about media bias, we note that one of the methods is to simply leave relevant information out of articles. They attempt to create a narrative, and since people will often only read that article, they may fail to know about said relevant information. Here’s WRAL Sea level report shows increasing pace of […]

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