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If All You See…

…is a wonderful bike save all plant life, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post noting that CUNY doesn’t want you to be polite.

Los Federales To Regulate Gas Fireplaces

This is part of the Hotcoldwetdry push, but dovetails nicely into the notion of Progressives being “nice fascists”, ie, they’re being heavy handed in controlling the lives of everyone for your own good (Daily Caller) Better go out and buy a gas fireplace and stove soon before federal regulations make them more expensive. Federal officials […]

Good News: Volcanoes Are Caused By Climate Change, Because You Drove A Fossil Fueled Vehicle

Anthony Watt’s writes that this may well be the stupidest article about climate ever. I’m not so sure about that: I and others, including Anthony, have written extensively about quite a few insane things emanating from the Warmist camp over the years. Nor is this the first time that Warmists have blamed volcanic activity on […]

Obama Budget Conveniently Blows Off Sequestration

Let’s all remember, Sequestration was very much Obama’s idea in the first place 5 things to know before Obama rolls out his budget Monday Not included in the list, but briefly mentioned, is the notion that Obama looks to be actually planning on releasing his budget in a timely manner, in what would be a […]

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