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…is wonderful primitive living which Everyone Else should try, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Rhymes With Right, with a post on protecting blasphemous utterances.

ISIS Throws Gay Men From Rooftop, Stones Woman

Why is this horrific story not more widely disseminated? (UK Daily Mail) Two men were hurled from the top of a tower block, two more were crucified in front of a baying crowd and a woman was stoned to death in the latest series of horrific executions by ISIS. The men were thrown from the […]

Obligatory “2014 Is Hottest Year Ever And We’re All Doomed!!!!!” Post

I never got around to this Friday, since life happened (shot a 43 while walking 9 yesterday afternoon, even with the wind. Putting was great), plus, I really didn’t care that much. There are always breathless pronouncements by Warmists, and they’ve been pushing this meme for months. Outlets like the Washington Post, Vox, Politico, etc, […]

Obama Tells Cops He’ll Continue Giving Them Military Equipment, Just Don’t Be Racist

One of the early issues surrounding what happened in Ferguson was the use of military styled equipment against protesters. While many were reserving judgement regarding what happened between Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson, which ended up with Brown dead, many people were concerned over the use of said military style equipment, even after the […]

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