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If All You See…

…are wonderful, wonderful trees sucking up carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Public Secrets, with a post on yet another Obama diplomatic screwup.

Black Friday Creep Is Totally Like Climate Change

Climate Tourettes Editorial: Black Friday’s creep into Thanksgiving rips at heart of American family holiday The commercial creep is a bit like the evidence of climate change. Incremental and hardly noticeable, then all of a sudden unmistakable with Christmas merchandise lapping ever closer to the back-to school sales. The rest of the editorial is actually […]

Unbelievable Catch By Odell Beckham

This is sick OH MY GOD, ODELL BECKHAM. https://t.co/BCoMrT2G0D — Chipper (@19jms) November 24, 2014 Catch of the year? Yes! Best catch ever? Not sure. The one by David Tyree, catching it on his helmet, might beat it out. More at Twitchy. BTW, the Giants are pretty much out of the Playoffs picture.

“Rape By Fraud”? NJ Politician Looks To Criminalize It

I usually leave these loony tunes type stories to The Other McCain, but this one caught my eye (NJ.com) Imagine this: A man woos a woman to bed with tales of his riches, fast cars and a vacation home in Monaco. But he actually lives in his mother’s basement. Or this: A seemingly wealthy widow […]

Good News: Obama’s Green Loans Were Unprofitable, And That’s The Way They Should Be

And by “unprofitable”, The Week writer Ryan Cooper means to government, because the loans sure seemed profitable to the recipients of the loans, 80% of whom were Democrat donors Yes, the Obama administration’s green loans are unprofitable. They should be. Last week, we were treated to another instance of completely confused debate over a government […]

What’s The Cost Of Illegal Alien “Amnesty”?

How about $40 billion a year? (Daily Caller) President Barack Obama’s amnesty for four million illegal immigrants will cost Americans about $2 trillion, or roughly $40 billion a year for the next five decades. The cost of Obama’s generosity is equivalent to 30 cents extra for every gallon of gas bought by Americans. Or a […]

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