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If All You See…

…is carbon pollution created extreme wind, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Da Tech Guy, where Fausta wonders why taxes weren’t an issue during the midterms.

Voxsplaining Executive Amnesty

Vox’s Ezra Klein gives it the old college try in giving arguments for and against “Obamnesty” (Vox) For: The president clearly has the power At this point, fairly few people, even on the right, are arguing that Obama doesn’t have the power to exempt broad classes of people from deportation. President George H.W. Bush granted […]

Pause Excuse #66: No Pause If We Only Consider Coldest And Warmest Days Of The Year

Have to keep the cult going (The Hockey Schtick) A new paper published in Environmental Research Letters finds excuse #66 for the 18+ year “pause” of global warming: There’s no “pause” if you look at only the one single warmest and coldest days per year. According to the authors and the accompanying editorial, if you use a […]

Democrats Introduce Carbon Fee Legislation In Senate

Hey, why not? Obama and his Democrat henchmen have already done great damage to the economy, why not kick it up a notch? (Think Progress) In a sense, the problem of climate change is incredibly simple: certain people are dumping carbon into the atmosphere, and in the coming decades we will all suffer from the […]

Dumbest Pro-Illegals Op-Ed You’ll Read Positions U.S. As Communist East Germany

This is possibly the dumbest one you’ll read today, particularly from a major media outlet. Apparently, the talking points that made their way from the White House to the compliant lapdog legacy media is that what Obama intends to do with his “amnesty”, er, deferred deportation, is all about humanitarianism for these poor, poor folks […]

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