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Slate: The Fact That Climate Change Got Thumped In Midterms Is Totally Winning!

How’s that saying go,  about denial not just being a river in Egypt? The Fact That Climate Change Lost Big in This Election Could Be a Huge Win There’s been a lot of anxiety in climate change circles after Tuesday’s election ushered in a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate. The Wednesday morning headlines were […]

If All You See…

…are super awesome trees being cut down for carbon heavy power and heating for Other People, and you don’t like it, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Joshuapundit, with a post on what we know about Obama’s AG pick, Loretta Lynch.

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! Another gorgeous day in America. Birds are chirping, sun is shining, the battery in my car wisely died at a time I could easily replace it (last night near a Pep Boys). This pinup is by Joe Chido, with a wee bit of help. BTW, Joe is a fantastic graphic artist, but I […]

Failing Ivanpah Solar Plant Wants Federal Grant To Repay Federal Loan

Unsurprisingly, the “world’s largest solar plant” is struggling, so they want a bailout from US taxpayers to help repay the loan provided on the taxpayers back (Fox News) After already receiving a controversial $1.6 billion construction loan from U.S. taxpayers, the wealthy investors of a California solar power plant now want a $539 million federal […]

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