Slate: The Fact That Climate Change Got Thumped In Midterms Is Totally Winning!

How’s that saying go,  about denial not just being a river in Egypt?

The Fact That Climate Change Lost Big in This Election Could Be a Huge Win

There’s been a lot of anxiety in climate change circles after Tuesday’s election ushered in a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate. The Wednesday morning headlines were dire, including this one from Vox: “The biggest loser in this election is the climate.”

On its face, I agree. The chances of bold climate action within the next two years took a big hit Tuesday. Coupled with the latest scientific consensus that we’re quickly reaching the end of our carbon budget, the world can’t afford another delay. As my colleague Phil Plait said on Election Day, Tuesday’s vote “quite literally affects the future of humanity.”

Quite literally, you guys! Like it always has. Because it always changes.

But this election cycle, campaigners concerned with the future of the planet also won a subtle but extremely important victory: Climate change is something people are finally talking about.

According to exit poll data, global warming is now the most polarizing issue to Republicans—beating even Obama’s signature health care laws. But at least it’s an issue. This is in sharp contrast to 2012, when the two presidential candidates barely mentioned the issue at all. Even if the 2014 election wasn’t primarily about climate, it was one of the social issues that resonated most strongly with voters.

Talking about it. Hooray! Like they’ve been doing for 20+ years.  Unfortunately for Warmists, what most are talking about is not wanting to pay the price themselves.

If anything, 2014 was another sign of the gradual shift toward broader Republican support for action on climate change.

Nope. Not really. Delusional City.

In the meantime, Obama’s team of climate negotiators has spent years ensuring the next international climate agreement, unlike the failed Kyoto Protocol, won’t require Senate approval.

In other words,  circumventing our whole governmental structure,  because he know it won’t pass. He couldn’t get it through even when Dems controlled the House and Senate.

What Obama does want is a fight. That would ensure one. And just shows the anti-democratic and dictatorial leanings of Obama and Warmists.

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4 Responses to “Slate: The Fact That Climate Change Got Thumped In Midterms Is Totally Winning!”

  1. jl says:

    How in the world would it not require Senate approval?

  2. Jl says:

    “Countries legally required to enact climate change policies, but would voluntarily pledge to specific cuts…” Legal policy but voluntary cuts? No way. And probably would never survive the constitutional challange. But we’ll see.

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