What’s The Cost Of Illegal Alien “Amnesty”?

How about $40 billion a year?

(Daily Caller) President Barack Obama’s amnesty for four million illegal immigrants will cost Americans about $2 trillion, or roughly $40 billion a year for the next five decades.

The cost of Obama’s generosity is equivalent to 30 cents extra for every gallon of gas bought by Americans.

Or a $10 monthly fee added to every cellphone.

Or a $22,000 tax on every American graduate’s four-year college degree.

The $2 trillion cost is driven by the federal government’s support for all poor people, says Robert Rector, a budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Rector explained that, on average, the illegal immigrants benefiting from the amnesty have a 10th grade education.

That low education ensures they can’t earn enough money, or pay enough taxes, to pay for the many benefits they’ll get if they progress from temporary residents to legal residents and then to citizens, Rector said.

No matter what Obama says, illegals who are part of Obama’s non-amnesty amnesty will end up with all sorts of government benefits. Democrats and the deferred action recipients will push and agitate for more services provided at government expense (followed by a push for the right to vote).

Rector draws his estimate from a May 2013 analysis he completed for Heritage, which predicted a $6.3 trillion, 50-year cost if all 12 million illegals in the country were granted amnesty.

Don’t think Obama won’t push for some sort of amnesty, er, deferred action, for the rest of the illegals.

And while liberals are pushing this

“A deferred action program that allows undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least five years to apply for a temporary work permit would increase payroll tax revenues by $6.08 billion in the first year alone and increase revenues by $44.96 billion over five years,” said a September report by the Center for American Progress.

in reality we get this

However, in a public 2013 conversation with fellow economists, the head of Obama’s CEA admitted that the flood of new workers actually helps hold down Americans’ wages.

And we can expect more and more illegals to flood the borders for their shot at gaining “deferred action”, all while our wages stagnate more, our classrooms are burdened with kids who barely speak English, and the tax money of legal citizens goes to support illegals.

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4 Responses to “What’s The Cost Of Illegal Alien “Amnesty”?”

  1. Jeffery says:

    “Illegal” is not a noun. But Teach, like his mentor, the odious jimhoft, is only semi-literate.

    The Heritage Foundation is the source of the information, so it is suspect. But even if true (it’s not), so what?

    Do you have any idea what the next 4 million white babies born in America will cost??? Billions a year! Head Start, public schools, college, courts, jails, food stamps, Medicaid, wear and tear on roads, Social Security and Medicare when they’re older!

    In fact, on average, every American citizen costs us taxpayers about $15,000 a year!! That’s well over $250 trillion over the next 5 decades!

    Since 40% of undocumented immigrants are from overstaying their visas, how does that square with the right-wing ignorati meme of “flooding the borders”.

    Your hatred of brown folks has made you irrational. Millions of “illegals” have flown in to JFK and LAX from Ireland, Australia and England, driven over from Canada, and reside here, yet you seem only concerned with the ones that cross our border with Mexico. Why is that?

  2. But Teach, like his mentor, the odious Jim Hoft..

    that’s the second time you’ve tried that. What in the fuck are you babbling about? How much crack are you smoking?

  3. Conservative Beaner says:


    My wife and I are Americans of the brown persuasion and we don’t like anyone entering this country illegally or over staying a visa. Illegals do not have the right to be here no matter how hard they work or what they contribute to society, bad or good.

    You should stop using race/color/ethnicity to make your point because you only make yourself look like a bigger fool than you are now.

  4. jl says:

    “Illegal is not a noun..” And Jim Hoft is a proper noun, which means it should be capitalized- but thanks for playing. “Yet you only seemed concerned with the ones that cross the border from Mexico.” Where are “only illegals from Mexico” mentioned? From the post, it says: “analysis completed by Heritage if all 12 million illegals were granted amnesty.” That would include all, no matter how they got here, right?

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