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Unbelievable Catch By Odell Beckham

This is sick OH MY GOD, ODELL BECKHAM. — Chipper (@19jms) November 24, 2014 Catch of the year? Yes! Best catch ever? Not sure. The one by David Tyree, catching it on his helmet, might beat it out. More at Twitchy. BTW, the Giants are pretty much out of the Playoffs picture.


21-17 in a nailbiter

Panthers Test The Waters At Giants Stadium, Do Not Like!

Kind of a sloppy game, Giants recievers need to hang bring the ball in. Defense looked good, they’ll have to keep it going for the year Eli Manning has a new favorite target, the Giants’ defense showed its teeth once again and the 2010 season opened with a 31-18 victory against the Carolina Panthers today […]

Here We Go!

Update: Fuck. Shit. Damn. Crapweasels. Sunabeach. Liberal. Go Steelers.

Giants Open Up The Season. With Palinator

Oh, yeah, baby. And the Skins taint looking good, either. Mwahahahahahahahaha! And, for fun, The Palinator effect on Dem offices

Big Blue: Spagnuolo Stays, Eli On Letterman

Good news for Big Blue Steve Spagnuolo pulled out of the running for the Washington Redskins coaching job Thursday, citing his desire to remain with the Super Bowl champion New York Giants. “His heart is in New York City,” Spagnuolo’s agent, Bob Lamonte, told the Associated Press. “He loves the ownership. He loves the players. […]

Everyone, Join The Big Blue Bandwagon

Yup, everyone in the sports media is sure doing it, so, why not you? They all thought Big Blue could do it, knew it from the first week. Yeah, sure. Meanwhile, some thoughts from Greg Easterbrook Stat of the Week No. 1: Eight times, the Super Bowl has paired two teams that met in the […]

Beer Monday: Super At Last, Super At Last!

Happy Monday. The start of a new work week. Time to get busy, do your best, shift a few paradigms. How ’bout a beer touchdown? Incredible, simply incredible. As a long suffering Giants fan, I can say I am riding a Blue cloud right now. While Eli did a great job, my MVP pick would […]

New York Giants – Super Bowl Champions!

The Giants had the perfect answer for the suddenly imperfect Patriots: a big, bad defense and an improbable comeback led by their own Mr. Cool quarterback, Eli Manning. In one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, New York shattered New England’s unbeaten season 17-14 Sunday night as Manning hit Plaxico Burress on a […]


Who would have thought it would ve 7-3 at halftime?

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