“Rape By Fraud”? NJ Politician Looks To Criminalize It

I usually leave these loony tunes type stories to The Other McCain, but this one caught my eye

(NJ.com) Imagine this: A man woos a woman to bed with tales of his riches, fast cars and a vacation home in Monaco. But he actually lives in his mother’s basement.

Or this: A seemingly wealthy widow convinces a younger man to sleep with her on the notion that they may marry and he’ll inherit her money. In reality, she’s broke.

In both cases, someone lied about his or her status in order to have sex with someone else.

Under a bill recently proposed by a south Jersey lawmaker, such actions would not only be considered dishonest. They could prompt charges of rape.

Earlier this month, Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) introduced the bill (A3908), which would create the crime of “sexual assault by fraud,” which it defines as “an act of sexual penetration to which a person has given consent because the actor has misrepresented the purpose of the act or has represented he is someone he is not.”

That’s right, if you misrepresent yourself at a bar and get a bit of nooky you could be charged with felony rape. Remember when liberals said they wanted government out of the bedroom?

“I truly believe that we have to look at the issue of rape as more than sexual contact without consent,” Singleton said. “Fraud invalidates any semblance of consent just as forcible sexual contact does.

This could lead to a 20-30 year prison sentence. Way too much to excerpt, you need to read the whole article.

I wonder when we are going to criminalize fraud from politicians?

Here’s another interesting and somewhat related article

(CNN) The University of Virginia is suspending all fraternities and associated parties until January 9 following a Rolling Stone magazine article that described a student’s account of being gang raped and her frustration at trying to bring her alleged attackers to accountability.

They know exactly which fraternity house this occurred in, but, they are going to punish without due process all fraternities. Sororities and all Greek system activities are likewise suspended. Without due process. Despite there being no criminal complaint. Nor evidence.

She didn’t want to go to law enforcement but told the school’s Sexual Misconduct Board what happened, Rolling Stone reported.

Let me get this straight: she says she was raped, but failed to go to the actual authorities? Her frustration lies with her, then. This is one of the big problems, in that schools have no business taking the place of the legal system. However, they are convenient places to complain when there might be no criminal activity. I wonder if we will later find out that the story is manufactured?

I see Noah Rothman is also discussing the NJ.com article, as well as others.

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2 Responses to ““Rape By Fraud”? NJ Politician Looks To Criminalize It”

  1. Dana says:

    So, if a guy tells a girl that he’s really the bomb in bed, and he then bombs out, he has raped her?

  2. ruralcounsel says:

    OR a girl says she really loves to have sex, and so entices a man to propose to her and marry her, only to find out she really doesn’t like sex that much?

    Guess most marriages are predicated on felony rape/fraud.

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