Team Obama To Release Doomy Climate Change Plan As Massive Cold Front Rolls Through

Why would Team Obama release a climate change report on Halloween? It’s not like most Americans actually care that much. Maybe they’re trying to get out their younger base to vote. Anyhow

(Washington Post) The Obama administration on Friday plans to publish a small library’s worth of climate change documents, outlining 38 federal agencies’ vulnerabilities to global warming and how they will address them — as well as a separate and even larger set of new government-wide plans to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and achieve new targets for sustainability.

In sum, the reports represent over a thousand pages of climate change threat assessment and sustainability planning by a vast federal complex that collectively operates 360,000 buildings, maintains 650,000 vehicles and spends $25 billion on energy costs per year.

It’ll be all sorts of doomy, based on computer models, wishful thinking, gazing in crystal balls, and junk science

In many cases, the vulnerabilities revealed are stark. The Department of Agriculture, for instance, sees “the potential for up to 100 percent increase in the number of acres burned annually by 2050” by wildfires, according to its new adaptation report. The agency notes that fire suppression expenditures have already grown from 13 percent of the Forest Service’s budget in 1991 to 40 percent of it today, and says the service’s other operations are imperiled by the continual demand to throw more resources at fires.

Of course, in reality, wildfires have a) been on the decrease, b) there are more homes and buildings to burn, and c) so many of them are not caused by “climate change”, but dumbasses. Furthermore, 1) wildfires have always happened, and 2) envirowackos have stopped any efforts to clear out areas of dead trees and brush.

The Department of Health and Human Services, in its new report, says it views climate change as “one of the top public health challenges of our time.” It outlines risks including more frequent or worse extreme heat events — which the agency calls “the leading weather-related cause of death in the U.S.” — changes in vector-borne diseases like West Nile virus and Chagas disease, and “increased production of plant-based allergens,” leading to more episodes of asthma and allergic responses in some people.

The leading cause is cold. Furthermore, nothing proves anthropogenic causation.

Anyhow, hyper-Warmist Chris Mooney continues on in that vein, and, really, as someone in the comments, Jack86, notes “Did I just hear a cry for more money for each of these 38 agencies and an increase in staff? That wheezing sound you hear is a bloated, out of shape, inefficient government getting even bigger.” Oh, and another points out that this will be written on “reams and reams of paper”. Isn’t killing trees bad for Hotcoldwetdry?

Meanwhile, in another part of the Washington Post

An unusually intense upper level disturbance for mid-autumn crashes from Lake Superior to South Carolina between Thursday and Saturday.

This spinning, super high energy weather system sets up a snowstorm for sections of the Appalachian mountains. In its wake, unseasonably cold temperatures drive into the Southeast, challenging records.  As it spawns a storm over the ocean on Saturday, powerful winds will then buffet much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

“It’s the kind the kind of weather event you expect in January — not November 1,” writes meteorologist Roy Spencer in a blog post headlined “Polar Vortex Charleston” given the disturbance’s roots in the high Arctic and excursion towards the southern city.

The wound-up disturbance or vortex, practically free-falling from north to south along a sharply undulating jet stream, is likely to produce several inches of snow along the spine of the Appalachians from western Maryland southward. Some of the heaviest snow is expected in southwest Virginia and western North Carolina where the National Weather Service has hoisted Winter Storm watches for 4 to 6 inches of snow, mainly for elevations above 3,000 feet.

It’s going to very cold. Good timing on the release, Team Obama.

Of course, this will surely be blamed on “climate change”, because Someone Else driving a fossil fueled vehicle now causes cold. And snow!

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4 Responses to “Team Obama To Release Doomy Climate Change Plan As Massive Cold Front Rolls Through”

  1. John says:

    Cold ??? We are setting heat records out here in Santa Barbara
    And of course Sept was hottest yet on planet earth
    But I am sure that somewhere, somewhere where a denial it’s my take notice, it was cooler than normal

  2. John says:

    Teach do you believe that most people with advanced degrees do NOT believe in AGW???

  3. Jeffery says:

    It’s cold today in Chicago, therefore global warming is a hoax.

    Global warming stories in right-wing blogs become more strident and frequent during cold snaps. Why is that?

    Most right-wing followers are just not very smart, curious or intuitive. Most right-wing authoritarian leaders ARE smart and know how to manipulate their followers. Low level interlocutors like Teach are harder to figure out. Is he really as dumb as he seems or is he a manipulator?

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