Politico Says GOP Senate Takeover Could Be Short Lived

Liberal news outlets are funny. Politico has essentially given up on Democrats retaining control of the Senate this cycle, and are wish-theorizing for 2016

(Politico) Senate Democrats have long awaited the 2010 tea party wave to splash back on Republicans during the 2016 election cycle.

That moment is almost here.

After two years of obsessive focus on the teetering reelection prospects of red-state Democrats, the attention is about to shift in a major way to blue-state Republicans. Six of them who rode anti-Obama sentiment to office in 2010 are up in two years, and they’ll face the dual challenge of a more diverse electorate and potentially Hillary Clinton atop the Democratic ticket.

The leftward-tilting map means a GOP-controlled Senate could be short-lived if the party prevails on Tuesday. Even in the best-case scenario for the party, a Republican majority is certain to be slim.

Yup, Politico has given up. And they’re praying to whatever God is allowed in their little insane universe that Dems can do well in 2016.

I suspect we’ll see similar rhetoric from Democrats over the next few days, leading up to the final 2014 election results. Followed by a few days of moping. Then back to bat guano insane.

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One Response to “Politico Says GOP Senate Takeover Could Be Short Lived”

  1. Ken Mitchell says:

    If the Republicans take a slim senate majority, the most probable way that this would change is if a couple or three RINO “squish” candidates suddenly decided to cross the aisle. Snow, perhaps, or Murkowski….

    After all, that’s what Charlie Crist would have done, if he’d had the chance….

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