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Belle Knox: Hey, Sex Kinda Ruined A Lot Of My Life

This is typically the domain of R.S. McCain, but, hey, I love pointing out that actions can have consequences. Here is a weepy article from the as usual moonbat site called Salon “A lot of my life has been ruined because of sex”: Belle Knox opens up in a gripping new documentary A five-part series […]

Minnesota’s Biggest Obamacare Insurer Drops Out Over Massive Costs

Most Obamacare exchanges are already rather limited in the number of insurance providers. Minnesota’s now has one less (Daily Caller) The largest insurer with the lowest premium rates on Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange is dropping out because the government health-exchange is unsustainable, the company announced Tuesday. PreferredOne Health Insurance told MNsure, the state-run exchange, Tuesday morning […]

If All You See…

…is a rising sea destroying the works of Man, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Jawa Report, with a post noting that Islamaphobia causes Islamic terrorism.

Oops: New Duke Study Shows Contaminations From Wells, Not Fracking

Blunting the hysteria of anti-fracking forces (Raleigh N&O) A group of Duke University scientists often accused of anti-fracking bias have published their most definitive research to date linking shale gas exploration with methane gas contamination of drinking water. But their paper, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, exonerates fracking from […]

Can You Guess What The Blueprint Is For Saving The World From Climate Hell?

If you guessed “Warmists should give up use of fossil fuels, air conditioning, ice makers, hair dryers, DVRs, smartphones, computers, and should walk/bike to work, only buy local, plant their own gardens, line dry their clothes, and just go completely carbon neutral in order to show non-believers that they’re serious and believe what they say”, […]

Having Nothing Better To Do, Democrat Senator Threaten NFL Over Tax Status For Redskins Name

Democrats have spent lots of time dealing with populist and other issues that really do not help the US citizenry, all in an attempt to keep the Senate Democrat. They write bills that include poison pills to make sure that Republicans will not vote for it. They do things like pushing the so-called “equal pay” […]

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