Belle Knox: Hey, Sex Kinda Ruined A Lot Of My Life

This is typically the domain of R.S. McCain, but, hey, I love pointing out that actions can have consequences. Here is a weepy article from the as usual moonbat site called Salon

“A lot of my life has been ruined because of sex”: Belle Knox opens up in a gripping new documentary

A five-part series about the “Duke porn star” offers a more nuanced look at the woman behind the media scandal

“Nuanced” or something. Gripping (double entendre?)!

But in a new documentary series from Condé Nast Entertainment, “Becoming Belle Knox,” those missing details of Weeks’ story are presented in full force. Many of Weeks’ early claims still pop up: She loves what she does, and she makes no apologies for joining the adult industry to pay her Duke tuition. But in the year since she started doing porn, Weeks admits, she has grown a great deal. ”I think my experiences have aged me,” she says in the documentary. “I don’t have the mind of an 18-year-old. I kind of have the mind and the emotional baggage of somebody much, much older than me.” (snip)

Spoiler alert: The five-part series is sad. Not because it presents a portrait of some poor, lost girl who has taken a wrong course trying to find her way, but because it shows in greater detail the burden that sexually empowered women — especially empowered sex workers — are forced to bear. At one point, Weeks says flatly, “A lot of shit in my life has been ruined because of sex.” It’s true, but only partly. A lot of shit in Weeks’ life has been ruined because of her enthusiastic participation in sex — and because of the cultural condemnation that accompanies it.

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2 Responses to “Belle Knox: Hey, Sex Kinda Ruined A Lot Of My Life”

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  2. david7134 says:

    I believe that the people in the US have a warped sense of sex. We condemn something that is natural and gives pleasure on some type of religious grounds. Actually, I think that those that have a problem with sex are the ones that are sick. But there is something about the ad mixture of the porn industry with our Puritan ideals that makes for destruction of young women. There is also the possibility of STD and that is something I also feel could be better controlled if we legalized sex and stopped our two faced condemnation of the act. I know the secret lives of a number of people and can tell you that universally behind the do gooder faced often dwells what we would classify as a pervert. My attitude, if you are not spreading STD or harming children, then it is no ones business.

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