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Obama’s Been Briefed For A Year On ISIS Danger

I heard about this in the morning on Fox News, but was waiting for a link (Fox News) A former Pentagon official confirms to Fox News that detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of ISIS was included in the PDB, or the President’s Daily Brief, for at least a year before the group took large swaths of […]

If All You See…

…is a wall worn down by climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Rhymes With Right, with a post wondering where Wendy Davis is.

Global Warming Will Collapse Labor Or Somethin

What would Labor Day be without the always wacky Joe Romm chiming in? (Climate Progress) Global warming is projected to have a serious negative impact on labor productivity this century. Here is a look at what we know. In 2013, a NOAA study projected that “heat-stress related labor capacity losses will double globally by 2050 with a […]

Will GOP Push Populist Notion That Illegal Immigration Is Threat To Jobs?

They’re thinking about it (Washington Times) An effort is underway to push the Republican Party to rethink its close ties to business groups on immigration, with conservatives arguing that the way to fight immigration-reform proposals is to focus on how they would force Americans into a tougher competition for jobs. Bolstered by recent polling that […]

Ricky Gervais Makes Common Sense Tweet On Hacked Celeb Nude Photos, People Mad

You’ve heard about this, right? (Buzzfeed) A leak that started as the latest round of personal pictures hacked from celebrities’ phones turned Monday into a vast invasion of the privacy of actress Jennifer Lawrence and a handful of others — and a kind of festival on Reddit, 4chan, and other online spaces — with continued […]

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