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Know What “Climate Change” Really Needs? A Song!

Sometimes, I have to wonder if the Warmists, most of whom are bat guano insane, are just trolling Skeptics with this kinda of nutbaggery. Then I remember that Liberals really have no sense of humor (unless it’s about assassinating Bush, Republicans, and people who do not agree with them), and Warmists are serious Maybe climate […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful field that can be used to make biofuels, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Dakota Voice, with a post on how the GOP can get the Hispanic vote.

Study: U.S. West Coast Warming Mostly Natural

Let’s reiterate that the debate is primarily about causation: Warmists say it is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, especially our use of fossil fuels (which Warmists mostly refuse to give up themselves). Skeptics say the warming during the Modern Warm Period is mostly/solely natural. At that point we can get into the debate about Man’s contributions, […]

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Apparently Starting In Africa

Slow news day, nothing of any real interest (I have plenty of “climate change” stuff in the hopper, though). Romney 2016 being for reals doesn’t really get me excited. Liberals attempting to position Obama’s war on ISIS being totally unlike anything Bush did is expected. No mention of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, of course. So, […]

Semi-Retired, Mostly-Delusional President Looks To Implement 30 Day “Climate Change” Warning System

When it comes to weather forecasting, most meteorologists will tell you that things start getting really dicey beyond 3-5 days. Ten day forecast? Good luck with that. Know what the forecast a few days ago was for Raleigh? Low 70’s and partly cloudy. Know what’s happening now? It’s 59 and rainy, with a special weather […]

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