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Oops: First Species Wiped Out By Climate Change Lives

Another Warmist meme bites the dust Once plentiful on a tiny coral atoll in the Indian Ocean, the Aldabra banded snail (Rachistia aldabrae) was declared extinct in 1997 as one of the world’s first recorded direct casualties of climate change. But last month, a monitoring team found a population on one of the atoll’s islands, […]

If All You See…

…is encroaching desertification from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 90Ninety Miles From Tyranny, with a post on terrorists being caught at the border.

If You’re A Pro-life Christian, You Should Care About “Climate Change” Or Something

No, really, says Tom Krattenmaker at The Daily Journal Why climate change concerns pro-life Christians This is not a column dedicated to bludgeoning those unmoved by liberals’ warnings about climate change. It is an invitation to people, especially Christians, to think about what’s happening to the water, and what will happen to us if there’s […]

You Know You Live In A Country Run By Idiots When…

This is too good not to snag it from The Lonely Conservative who got it from Zero Hedge who got it from Fellowship Of The Minds Blog 1. If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for being in the country illegally, you live in a country run by […]

When Semi Retired President Obama’s Lost Michael Moore….

Tough choice for Progressives: stand with Michael Moore or Obama? (Hollywood Reporter) Michael Moore sees President Obama’s legacy as set. The progressive documentary filmmaker couldn’t help but express his disappointment with the legislative accomplishments of the politician. “When the history is written of this era, this is how you’ll be remembered: he was the first […]

Foreigner Hiring Surges Under Obama

It’s probably raaaaacist to even mention this, but Dick Morris brings the story (The Hill) Amid the media focus on the basic data in the August jobs report — that the economy “added” 143,000 jobs — is the figure that will underscore the Republican efforts to take the Senate. During the month of August, the […]

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