Oops: First Species Wiped Out By Climate Change Lives

Another Warmist meme bites the dust

Once plentiful on a tiny coral atoll in the Indian Ocean, the Aldabra banded snail (Rachistia aldabrae) was declared extinct in 1997 as one of the world’s first recorded direct casualties of climate change. But last month, a monitoring team found a population on one of the atoll’s islands, surprising the team and giving hope that other species whose habitats are being degraded by climate change may still be able to cling to existence. (snip)

Scientists have linked human-caused climate change to shifting rain patterns in the Seychelles. In particular, the Aldabra Atoll has dried out significantly in the past few decades, wiping out suitable habitat for the moisture-loving snails.

Obviously, nature never ever ever changed prior to fossil fuels.

So,  virtually ever animal issue they try and blame on man caused climate change turns out to be wrong. It’s a shame that they go down these roads, rather than dealing with real environmental issues.

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3 Responses to “Oops: First Species Wiped Out By Climate Change Lives”

  1. Jeffery says:

    There’s still plenty of time to eliminate the banded snail.

    And the formerly tropical Aedes mosquito that carries Dengue fever is causing the first ever outbreak in Japan! In 1970 only 8 countries had Dengue outbreaks, now it’s 100! Malaria is spreading too. See, global warming is good for some species.

    But then, it stopped warming 17.887 years ago according to Deniers. I guess mosquitoes don’t read WUWT.

  2. jl says:

    And Jeffery again fails to tie man-made global non-warming to anything that’s been happening! As said above, as if climate never had anything to do with species adaptation before now! Maybe those mosquitoes could feel the lack of heat hiding in the oceans even though others can’t!

  3. JoyO says:

    The Endangered Species Act was sold to Americans primarily as a means of saving the American Bald Eagle. Today, it is being used to control property rights of Americans to save spiders, turtles, and other various species….by the people who claim to believe in evolution and survival of the fittest. Personally, I think it is just another Progressive Program to give our government more power over every aspect of our lives.

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