Good News: Paul Ryan, GOP Leadership Set To Push Another Bad Immigration Plan

First off, there’s this

(Washington Times) Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said Wednesday that there’s a “general consensus” in his party that something big needs to happen on overhauling the country’s immigration laws and that more specifics would be unveiled this week at House Republicans’ annual retreat.

“I think politically speaking it’s a mixed bag, but the question is whether or not it’s something we have to do as a country, and I think that’s what’s trumping the political answer,” Mr. Priebus said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “You see in our party, whether it’s [Kentucky Senator] Rand Paul, who’s called for massive immigration reform, or [Florida Senator] Marco Rubio, I think you have general consensus that something big has to happen.”

Earlier in the day I noted a WSJ/NBC poll on American priorities, in relationship to “climate change” being dead last. Well, passing new immigration legislation was second to last. But, the GOP feels that they need to Do Something, and rather than getting tough, taking a stand for being a Nation Of Law over a Nation Of Men, it appears as if they’re moving down Squishy Lane towards Democratville (via Hot Air)

Ryan confirms GOP “principles” will include legal status for the 11 million, but he also says this will be a ”probationary status” to make sure the 11 million will not be “preferenced over people who did follow the laws.” It’s important to have confirmation that there will be a way out of the shadows. But the probationary period idea is problematic. Details will matter, but it would probably allow for people to get the right to work up front, but they could be kicked off of probationary status if certain security benchmarks aren’t met.

Advocates see this as bad policy: Why would undocumenteds step forward, if they know they can lose work status and get deported later because of nothing that they did, but only because Washington failed to decide certain metrics had been fulfilled?

However, Ryan also says the undocumented will be allowed to work as part of “probationary” status before security benchmarks are met. “You can be on probation,” Ryan says, “while the border is being secured.”

Ed Morrissey notes

Solution: No one comes out of the shadows until the border’s secured. The status quo on legalization holds in the meantime. There’s no rational reason why a country needs to make concessions to illegals before, or concurrent with, strengthening its borders, just as there’s no rational reason to think the GOP would use the security trigger to delay legalization ad infinitum. Everyone understands the demographic realities of the last election. Everyone knows how eager the Republican establishment is to attract Latino voters. And everyone knows how gleefully Democrats will demagogue them for dragging their feet on legalization while the border saga is playing out. Left to their own devices, Republicans would legalize illegals sooner rather than later. There’s no similar reason to believe that Democrats, left to their own devices, would eventually get around to tackling the border once legalization happened.

He also points out that this is pretty much the same kind of mule fritters encapsulated within the Gang Of 8 bill. But, really, don’t think Democrats will allow this to happen

(The Hill) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday amplified the Democrats’ insistence that an immigration reform package include a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s illegal immigrants.

All Dems want are new voters beholden to the Dem Party. Republicans seem to think they’ll get some out of it. Neither of them are serving the purposes of the Constitution and law, nor the legal citizens of the USA

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One Response to “Good News: Paul Ryan, GOP Leadership Set To Push Another Bad Immigration Plan”

  1. Missing_Springy_Gumballs says:

    I never liked Ryan ever since he came out with his own RyanCare. it was a bit lighter than ObamaCare, but had the same principles of mandatory coverage or else. Then he came out in favor of Big Spending, and IIRC he slammed Cruz and Lee for wanting to cut funding for ObamaCare last year. And now this?

    Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said Wednesday that there’s a “general consensus” in his party that something big needs to happen on overhauling the country’s immigration laws

    Nowhere in this country, outside of the liberal cities insulated from their decisions, are people clammering to give illegals a legal status. Our nation’s citizens are demanding jobs, cheaper utilities, cheaper food prices, and an increase in petroleum exploration.

    Giving legal status to people who violated our laws is a massive slap in the face of our legal system, our constitution and our own citizens. Many of whom are still trying to find jobs.

    One thing, if the agreed upon number of illegals is 11 million, then how are they in the shadows? And, why is their being in the shadows a bad thing? Drug dealers, robbers, thieves and murderers are also in the shadows. Are we going to give them immunity too? If illegal border crossers can get immunity from prosecution, then so should our american citizens get immunity from prosecution for any offense they have at the time this law passes.

    I still believe the number of illegals is anywhere from 15-20 million.

    And, if a law is not passed to secure the border, prosecute IRS and Social Security fraud and Identity Theft by illegals, then again, this is a massive FU to Americans.

    It says, our gov’t knows our citizens are being robbed by illegals, but they don’t care.

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