Cassy Fiano Covers The Feminist POV Regarding Miley Cyrus

I’d usually append this to my earlier post today on the subject, but I thought it deserved to stand on its own

Hysterical Feminazis Whine Over the “Slut-Shaming” of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

If you felt disgusted, horrified, or embarrassed for Miley, then fear not: you aren’t alone. Virtually everyone who watched that monstrosity felt the same way. The reaction was instantaneous, loud, and overwhelmingly negative.

Clearly, this means that every feminazi in existence must crawl out from underneath their rock to defend her find another excuse to whine hysterically about PATRIARCHY and SLUT SHAMING. Because that’s what happened, y’all. America’s prudes just couldn’t handle a woman expressing her sexuality on stage!

Cassy goes on to cover what the feminista loons are writing. Head over to read the whole thing.

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3 Responses to “Cassy Fiano Covers The Feminist POV Regarding Miley Cyrus”

  1. david7134 says:

    The problem is that she was so bad at dancing, I feel it is an insult to strippers to compare the two. I love strip clubs and fully expolit women, just like they do me, but I would have paid to have her put her clothes back on. I have done that before, in Arkansas, and the woman would have made the razorback look good.

  2. Wicked_Filner_Wednesday says:

    Head over to read the whole thing.


    Point of clarification: I did not feel embarrassed FOR Cyrus. I felt embarrassed for America. For parents who might have thought it was OK for their young girls to watch such disgusting and vile behavior on a non-rated-R show.

    We’ve now migrated past art, creativity, passion, to now just schlock and shock.

    We had the shock DJ’s of the 70s’ and 80’s. Now we’ve come to people with no talent who only get attention by ….. this.

    Time for that crying indian again.

  3. hockeyday says:

    I think my son says it best…”I don’t watch that stuff. I listen to the radio and if the songs good, then I don’t care about how they dance, if the song sucks, then no matter how well they dance I don’t care, it’s a sucky song.”

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