AGW Today: Social Justice, Wood Pellets, And Hotspots

Two of the three come via Junk Science, which actually all deserve their own longer post, but, hey, Sunday. The first is about the urban heat island effect making globull warming worse for the poor

(Toronto Star) Mitigating the Urban Heat Island effect — which can be as easy as switching roof colours — is a matter of social justice, many experts say. And as climate change continues to amplify weather extremes, that task is increasingly urgent.

Wait, I thought cities were the best thing for Everyone? No? But the big point is about social justice, another far left notion, at least in the way they push it, which highlights that the “climate change” movement is really about far left beliefs.

(News and Observer) The European Union and Great Britain have adopted aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. They have created incentives for electric utilities to cut back on their use of coal and will require renewable sources to provide 20 percent of all energy by 2020. Wind and solar power are expected to meet only a small share of that demand.

Power companies are looking to close the gap with biomass – primarily with imported wood pellets. Biomass use in Great Britain, 3 million tons last year, is expected to grow tenfold over the next five years.

Britain’s biggest carbon emitter is the Drax Group, a Yorkshire utility that operates the largest power plant in western Europe. Drax is converting half its plant from coal to wood pellets. Coal is one-third the price of pellets, but Drax CEO Dorothy Thompson said her company is responding to renewable-energy credits and a British carbon tax, introduced this year at $7 a ton, that will grow by 2020 to more than $60 a ton.

What we have going on here is that loggers are turning more and more of the logging waste into wood pellets, and making some good cash on the deal, because Europe is desperate for consistent, affordable power creation, what with all those restrictions on coal. Wind and solar cannot provide stable and affordable power at this time, and with 4 out of the past 5 winters being bitingly cold, and there having been no real spring or summer, all the “carbon credits” have been used up. Hey, anyone think this might hurt the poor?

(Climate Progress….which has been completely subsumed, BTW, under the Think Progress banner, without even it’s own URL anymore) We can confidently say that the risk of drought and heat waves has gone up and the odds of a hot spot somewhere on the planet have increased but the hotspot moves around and the location is not very predictable. This year perhaps it is East Asia: China, or earlier Siberia? It has been much wetter and cooler in the US (except for SW), whereas last year the hot spot was the US. Earlier this year it was Australia (Tasmania etc) in January (southern summer). We can name spots for all summers going back quite a few years: Australia in 2009, the Russian heat wave in 2010, Texas in 2011, etc.

Similarly with risk of high rains and floods: They are occurring but the location moves.

That’s Warmist Kevin Trenberth attempting to explain why Warmist hypotheses are failing spectacularly. Essentially, he’s just pulling crap out of his ass, like most Warmists do.

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9 Responses to “AGW Today: Social Justice, Wood Pellets, And Hotspots”

  1. Gail Combs says:

    ” Mitigating the Urban Heat Island effect — which can be as easy as switching roof colours — is a matter of social justice”

    Hey, Teach Think I can get Obama to foot the bill for my new roof? It’s black and shedding shingles. I want to replace it with a brand spanking sparkling white new one but I don’t want to pay for it.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Hey Teach How about a bummper sticker

    Trees [heart] COAL (or CO2)

    Girls [heart] carbon written across this image:

  3. pat says:

    Fear the migrating hot spot. Sheeeesh.

  4. If you tell Obama it’s to save the world from “climate change”, he might just pay for it, Gail.

  5. TheHat says:

    You idiots bought into the Global Warming story. And now you are suffering. Why is it that you stupid people make life so much worse for the rest of us? And now we have to listen to you whine about the world you wanted. Idiots liberals.

  6. john says:

    Teach. The heads of the EPA under the last four POTUS (yes that includes Saint Ronnie) have all said that the climate is changing and it is because of man and are urging
    fellow Republicans to change .
    Can you a pattern here Teach? Even former skeptics now realizing that they were wrong and publicly changing their position

  7. Gail Combs says:


    It has been colder than average in the Arctic ALL summer. Grise Fiord, the largest community on Ellesmere Island is expecting up to 25 cm of snow. The Arctic is freezing up about three weeks early and Alaska is also expecting early snow per NOAA forecast.

    The Antarctic Ice is breaking records.

    The Northern Hemisphere set a new, All-Time Record Cold Temperature: -96.1°F In Oymyakon Siberia

    Japan had record snow (almost 17 feet) in February 2013. And there is snow in China NOW.

    As of the first week of August, 2/3 of the USA was Below Normal Temperature For the YEAR.

    Atlanta GA broke a century-old cold temperature record this week in frecking AUGUST!

    The Climate models have now departed from reality passed the 95% confidence level. That means we can say with 95% confidence that the model output is now pure B.S. (Bad Science) link

    Yes it is all weather but it certainly is not pointing to warming now is it? However the Warmists will still be screaming Global Warming with a mile high glacier sitting on New York City.

  8. gitarcarver says:

    Jphn is once again stretching the truth. The four EPA chiefs do not make the claim that climate change is because of man.

  9. Filthy_Filner_Friday says:

    All I could think of when reading the fear over the globally migrating summer hot spot, was the internet meme of “soon”.

    I see a sun peaking over the horizon with a dude reclining outside with some drinks and a charcoaller. The sun in the background is saying “SOON”!


    And yeah, moving to more expensive more polluting energy sources is always a more environmentally and economically beneficial thing to do. Socialists, always counted on to do what is best for them, and what is worst for the undesirable poor.

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