Rodeoclowngate: The Left Wing Freakout That Won’t Die

Seriously, a rodeo clown mocking POTUS Obama is what liberals get upset over. Not Benghazi, IRS abuses, NSA spying, Fast and Furious, etc. No, a rodeo clown. Look, I will say that it was a dumb stunt. Inappropriate. Leave the politics out of non-political things. I don’t want to see politics while watching sports or other events. But, libs can’t let this minor tiff go, hence CNN solicited Judy Quest, a board member and past president of Clowns Of America International to make the raaaaacism cause

It was a sad day in the clown world when a “clown” at the Missouri State Fair put on a mask in the likeness of President Barack Obama and wore a broomstick attached to his behind to perform in a rodeo in America’s Heartland.

Some would ask: How this is different from late-night pundits making mocking comments about every political person alive? It is different in that it goes against everything a clown stands for and makes fun of our president in a way that is truly offensive on so many levels.

Anyone get the feeling that if the clown wore a Bush 43 mask things would be copacetic? She goes on to note that the clown code of ethics is against offending people or something, and

This mean no sexual or racial humor. The joke always needs to be on us and never on an audience member. If someone is offended or made the “victim” of a joke, it is totally against what the clown community would consider funny.

So, raaaaacism.

What of the children who were in the audience and being taught to respect our president and government? What of every person in the audience who hates racism? What of the officials of the state of Missouri who are now the focus of national attention in this negative light?

Right. Respect for government and a president that doesn’t respect Americans. What of the clowns right to his free speech and to not be fired and blackballed for it? Oh, and raaaaacism.

The Free Speech clause is all about protecting political free speech that we don’t like, something Matt Bernius at the squishy Outside The Beltline doesn’t get. First he yammers on about the rodeo being state sponsored and funded, then

Others have attempted to say that this is a violation of free speech rights. This is a problematic understanding of the First Amendment. The clown was allowed to complete the skit. The “speech” happened. He’s not being thrown in jail or forced to pay a direct fine. What the First Amendment does not protect one from is the ramifications of one’s words — in particular firings or rather not hiring in the future. And why? Because his performance (a) embarrassed his employer and (b) ultimately caused damage to their reputation.

Except, this is exactly what the Free Speech clause is about, the ability to speak out against Government and not have the government retaliate. And the government is retaliating.

Remember when dissent was patriotic and we were allowed to disagree and mock the POTUS?

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5 Responses to “Rodeoclowngate: The Left Wing Freakout That Won’t Die”

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Actually I much rather have seen the real Obama in that rodeo ring for an hour doing what that clown was doing. Saving Lives.

    First the White House Attack on Zimmerman and now this….

  2. Gail Combs says:

    What is interesting is this:
    “….In fact, it was documented back in 1994 that a dummy wearing a President George H.W. Bush mask, propped up by a broomstick, was employed as a decoy during a bull riding riding contest….”

    And a Comment:
    “What people might not now is that the fair committee was well aware of the act as the committee views the acts before they contract them. The committee that threw the act under the bus should be ashamed for their lack of integrity. The media created this outcry, not the public.” OOPS!

    And this response: Congressman invites rodeo clown Obama to perform in Texas

    “…As noted in a report by UPI, Ficken has disputed media reports he delivered lines that fair officials said were “inappropriate and disrespectful, and contends he only delivered the single statement, “Watch out for that bull Obama!” as a warning to the clown that the bull was approaching.

    At the center of the dispute is the claim by an apparent Obama supporter in attendance that night, Perry Beam, who said the announcer asked the crowd if anyone wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.” Beam also said it felt “like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.”

    Meanwhile, as the politically motivated seek their pound of flesh in Missouri, U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, has invited Gessling to perform in his home state of Texas…

    “The liberal reaction is straight out of Alinsky,” Stockman said. “They want to crush dissent by isolating and polarizing anyone who questions Obama, even if it’s a rodeo clown with a harmless gag. The idea to create a state of fear and make people afraid to trivialize Obama.”…”


    I already had his website up since he interests me:

  3. john says:

    the right seems to talk about this just as much as the left. the clown and the Republican Lt Governor of Missouri both apologized. I think that is enough.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Why should they apologize?

    I thought we had the RIGHT to free speech. I though Bush was also the butt of a Rodeo Clown Joke and in that case the bull tore the Bush mannequin apart.

    What next? No halloween mask of Obama allowed this year because we might hurt the widdle boy’s feelings?

    God I wish these people would grow-up.

    I am SOOOooo sick of the frecking race card being played every time some donkeys north end doesn’t get his way.

    OH and Just FYI I am not only a female who had her entire live completely change because a Counselor at university decided females should not be in engineering and therefore changed my coursework WITHOUT even telling me, I am also a minority.

  5. Filthy_Filner_Friday says:

    Exactly, why apologize? Why should they be banned for life from that state fair? Now, expressing your individual right for speech will now get you banned.

    Granted, you have a right to do or say something. And others have a right to punish you for it if that speech violates some code, policy, or law.

    But, this does neither. It was a clown!!!

    Some would ask: How this is different from late-night pundits making mocking comments about every political person alive? It is different in that it goes against everything a clown stands forr

    So, clowns are not humorists or comedians, therefore they are not allowed to make fun of living people. Clowns are not meant to be funny or thought provoking.

    Someone tell Marcel Marceau.

    banned for life?? and another dude had to resign? Cause someone from outside the state got upset?

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