The Nation: Hey, You Know Global Warming Causes Cold, Too?

Yeah, had to start off with one. Here’s The Nation’s Madeline Ostrander

Frigid and Sweltering: The New Climate Normal

Climate change often seems more palpable (and gets more media coverage) at this time of year, after heat waves have hit parts of the country. But polls suggest many members of the public are confused about the connection between climate change and cold weather. As I noted in a post last week, belief in climate change drops among Americans during cold weather and dipped slightly after this past winter. Moreover, climate deniers and right-wing pundits tend to hype winter weather, as if climate models never anticipated another flake of snow.

But a new report produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, published on Tuesday in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, shows that both cold and hot weather in 2012 were heavily under the influence of climate change.

Obviously, what she means is that both hot and cold were caused by the greenhouse gases from human activity. We should probably expect even more of this bat guano insane, and completely un-scientific, talking point.

But even though the planet as a whole is getting warmer, the report makes it clear that there are new trends of weird and extreme weather in all seasons. For example, Hurricane Sandy sent record early-season snow to central Appalachia.

In Europe, “an exceptional cold spell” fell over several countries last year. Berlin’s cold snap was chillier than the typical Moscow winter, according to the World Meterological Organization. Norway set new record cold temperatures for February (about minus-four degrees Fahrenheit in Hammerfest, for instance).

See? It cause everything!!!!!! All because Someone Else drove a fossil fueled vehicle to work.

The tome-sized NOAA report is a reminder that the global climate is extremely complex, and climate trends can’t be easily simplified. But the planet is getting warmer, even while ski seasons in the western United States shorten and Europe gets more deep freezes.

Yes, this weather is crazy. And yes, it is our fault.

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3 Responses to “The Nation: Hey, You Know Global Warming Causes Cold, Too?”

  1. john says:

    Teach also pleasee remind us thatt it snowed in New York State at teh end of May, and how could that POSSIBLY happen if there was climate change ?

  2. So you want to blame a cold spring with snow in May on greenhouse gases? Step away from the crack pipe, John. You’re unscientific bias is showing.

  3. Ecstacy_of_Idiocy says:

    Moreover, climate deniers and right-wing pundits tend to hype winter weather, as if climate models never anticipated another flake of snow.

    Again, they have to lie to try and push their point of view.

    It is the CAGW’ers that are the “climate deniers”, trying to deny that climate itself changes through natural internal and external forcings. We who debate the politics and religious connotations of CAGW’ers cult only do so because it is not science.

    And, it was not WE – those who believe the climate is doing what it has done for millenia and more on its own – who doubted that snow would fall. It was your cult members who proudly and publicly stated that due to man and his breathing, that anticipated that no more snow would fall upon the Arctic and upon various continents around the globe.

    And, it was your wholly never-correct models that predicted an ever increasing temperature curve with analyses stating this would lead to droughts, flooding and sea level rise. You can’t have record seasonal snowfall and droughts. You can’t have global sea rise AND snowfall.

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