First Amendment Hating Warmist Unintentionally Highlights That Global Warming Is Miniscule

The original article actually comes from Dana Nuccitelli, who is an environmental scientist and climate blogger for Skeptical Science and The Guardian, at Skeptical Science. I found this over at George Soros funded Climate Progress, both of which claim that “Media Overlooking 90% of Global Warming”. The Climate Progress article starts out with this chart

So, from decade of the 1880’s thru the 2000’s the global temperature has risen…..0.79C. Why is this in any way scary? Cause for unhinged alarm? Cause to spend trillions on whatever pet cause Progressives have that is supposed to reduce Bad Weather? Cause to institute a cap and trade system? Destroy the global economy? Destroy the US economy? Restrict people in 3rd world nations from having the same power and lives that 1st Worlders have? The Earth has gone through many warm periods, preceded and followed by cool periods. If we’re looking at the Holocene, the Modern Warm Period is more akin to eating mild hot wings: much ado over nothing.

Then we get to

JR: The Washington Post insists on publishing un-fact-checked anti-science columnists like Charles Krauthammer. And so while 2010 was the hottest year on record and the 2000s the hottest decade on record, we are subject to nonsense like “Global temperatures have been flat for 16 years.” Never mind that ocean warming, Arctic ice loss, and sea level rise have accelerated.

That’s far left Progressive Joe Romm deciding that Free Speech and a Free Press are Bad Things. As far as “anti-science” goes, hot doesn’t equate to anthropogenic causation. Global temps have been statistically insignificant for 15+ years. Oceans are barely warming, despite the out of control yammering by Warmists. Oceans rise has not accelerated. The Arctic is actually doing quite well this year.

The thrust of the article by Nuccitelli is that the warmth is disappearing into the oceans, including the deep oceans. This is simply an extension of the Warmist attempt to protect their cult as the land temperatures have essentially flatlined despite CO2 continuing to rise, instead of them saying “hey, um, yeah, we were wrong about the whole anthropogenic thing”. The thing these never-met-science Warmists forget to point out is that if 90% of the warmth is going into the oceans (the actual figure they claim is 93.4%), then said oceans would be having a much, much, much bigger affect on land, since oceans provide one of the main drivers (along with the Sun, vulcanism, other natural processes) of climate. And if the oceans are warming, what is the most likely cause? More solar activity along with vulcanism? Or someone driving and SUV?

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3 Responses to “First Amendment Hating Warmist Unintentionally Highlights That Global Warming Is Miniscule”

  1. john says:

    40% of teh GOP believe in climate change, not because of “science” but because they have seen it with their own eyes. Any one want to bey on how small the arctic sea ice will go this year?

  2. Therefore, after spending many hours on the internet at last We’ve revealed an individual in which definitely really does know what these are discussing cheers a great deal great post

  3. Earthling says:

    I’m left wondering how long Trenberth’s elusive heat will continue to lurk in deep ocean before it rushes to the surface and pounces on us with a catastrophic result.

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