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Boehner To Refuse To Bring Gang Of 8 Amnesty Bill Up For Vote?

That’s what Jonathon Strong reports (via Allahpundit) In closed door mtg, Boehner just told Rs the House will not bring up the Senate immigration bill — Jonathan Strong (@j_strong) June 26, 2013 Allahpundit also notes that a new Rasmussen poll has immigration being considered Very Important for the 2014 midterms by 51% of poll respondents, […]

If All You See…

… are wonderful trees sucking carbon pollution from the atmosphere that should be torn down to create a solar farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the (hump) day is The Lonely Conservative, with a post on the trash left behind from Obama’s hotcoldwetdry speech.

OMG, SCOTUS Strikes Down Bill Clinton’s DOMA!!!!!!!1!!!!

Yesterday, progressives were going bat guano insane over the Supreme Court’s decision on one portion of the Voting Rights Act. Today, they are going…bat guano insane over the DOMA decision, based on their headlines Supreme Court strikes down DOMA Same-Sex Spouses Cheer DOMA’s Demise Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, Colorado impact weighed Supreme Court: DOMA […]

Man With Giant Carbon Footprint Squees Over Speech Given By Man With With Biggest CFP In World

If you guessed that the first was Al Gore, and he’s congratulating Obama for making a speech, you get a cookie. No beer. It contains CO2 (Al’s Journal) This was a terrific and historic speech, by far the best address on climate by any president ever. I applaud the new measures announced by President Barack […]

North Carolina Moves Ahead With Voter ID Bill After SCOTUS Ruling

I forget who wrote the Tweet yesterday, they come so quick, but it went something like “If they can drive down to the polling place, they can drive down to get an ID” (WRAL) Voter identification legislation in North Carolina will pick up steam again now that the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down part […]

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