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Democrats Working Hard To Win Supporters By Calling Them “Flat Earthers”

I never did touch on (NMP) Obama, The Man with the biggest carbon footprint in the world, calling those who do not believe in man caused “climate change” part of the flat earth society (btw, the president of the real Flat Earth Society is a Warmist). I had blogged enough on the subject, and we […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible flooded drought world making it difficult to ride awesome Gaia friendly bikes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post that points out that it’s not 1965 anymore.

A Love Letter To The NSA Agent Who Is Monitoring My Online Activity

Funny stuff, via Ned Hardy from Happy Place, some big wet kisses to the NSA (click more tag to open in single page)

More Than Half Of Republican Senators Vote Against Amnesty Bill

That’s the headline at The Hill, except it says “immigration bill” rather than amnesty bill. Alternated headline: 100% of Democrats Vote For Amnesty Bill that Doesn’t Actually Secure The Border And Will Allow Criminals To Obtain Legal Status and Federal Benefits (The Hill) More than half of the Senate GOP conference voted against the immigration […]

SCOAMF Talks NBA During Toast In Senegal

So, the man with the Largest Carbon Footprint In The World who just stated that he’s going to Do Something about reducing “carbon pollution” flies to Africa and gives a toast in Senegal, which includes this Sadly, it appears as if he’s looking down to read his toast, and was still a stuttering fool. I […]

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