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NY Times Op-Ed Really Psyched For Far Left Greek Party Syriza

Anyone surprised that they think that only Syriza can save Greece? (NY Times) Indeed, right now, Syriza may be Europe’s best hope. Greeks neither want to leave the euro nor see the euro zone disintegrate, an eventuality likely to bring down the European Union. They also know that Europe’s approach to the crisis, involving increasingly […]

If All You See…

…is horrible CO2 infused beer and soda containers, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Fire Andrea Mitchell, which isn’t happy that State Dept resources were used to bring James Gandolfini back to the States.

Flashback: How Big Is Obama’s “Carbon Footprint”?

As Obama gets set to announce all sorts of executive actions regarding, more specifically, existing coal power plants, which will artificially increase the cost of energy and cost of living for Americans, with middle and lower class citizens hit the hardest, let’s jump back to 2009 where Red, Green, and Blue calculated Obama’s carbon footprint […]

Rich SecState Takes Fossil Fueled Flight To India To Complain About Fossil Fuels

If Obama wanted a Secretary of State whose primary focus was “Climate change”, he picked the right one in John Kerry, a true disciple of Gore and Mann, who cares little for science, and ignores the 15+ year pause in warming, ignores that most climate models fail, and is an utter climahypocrite (NY Times) Secretary […]

Support For Amnesty Bill Supposedly Snowballs Ahead Of Today’s Scheduled Vote

This should really brighten up your Monday (The Hill) Immigration reform has gotten a new burst of life as a growing number of Senate Republicans have embraced the 1,000-page-plus legislation, setting up President Obama for a big victory this week. [WATCH VIDEO] The sudden surge in Republican support has been a pleasant surprise for Senate […]

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