NY Times Op-Ed Really Psyched For Far Left Greek Party Syriza

Anyone surprised that they think that only Syriza can save Greece?

(NY Times) Indeed, right now, Syriza may be Europe’s best hope. Greeks neither want to leave the euro nor see the euro zone disintegrate, an eventuality likely to bring down the European Union. They also know that Europe’s approach to the crisis, involving increasingly harsh austerity and larger loans, has failed miserably.

So, the best plan is to elect or install a party that is super far left, quadrupling down on failed leftist policies?

Syriza plans to fight both rising hunger and a xenophobic neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, with school lunches and food stamps. A Syriza government would seek these reforms and the salvation of the European project. And this can be only a good thing for the United States.

Golden Dawn also holds Progressive views, just not as much as Syriza.

Lord knows I’m no expert on Syriza, so let’s check with the Socialists. For one thing, it’s known as the Coalition of the Radical Left. That should be the first clue.

The other characteristic is the relationship of the organizations involved in the alliance. A number of different currents–revolutionary and reformist, Trotskyists, Maoists and Euro-communists–coexist in SYRIZA and manage to work together on the urgent tasks that face us. This clearly has a big appeal to many people and helps explain the depth of support for SYRIZA.

Syriza is the political wet dream of American Progressives. A super hard left Party made up with all the far left.

What do they want? Nationalization of all financial institutions, massive taxation of the wealthy, forcible repatriation of all overseas money, nationalization if many other business sectors, free everything, majorly decreasing their military (such as it is), forgiving much of loans, and, of course, hating on Israel and taking the side of the Palestinians and going back to pre-1967 borders. Because nothing says leftist like Israel bashing.

And this is what people at the NY Times thinks is great.

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