Big Carbon Footprint Obama To Give His Deflection To Climate Change Speech Today

The big question is, will he forgo either traveling in a huge fossil fueled motorcade or taking fossil fueled Marine 1 to Georgetown and instead slapping on the Mom Jeans and ride his bicycle? Yeah, we know which mode of transportation he’ll choose

(CBS) With little to no hope on Capitol Hill for action on climate change, President Obama on Tuesday plans to bypass Congress and move forward with executive actions designed to reduce carbon emissions.

There is a good reason Congress hasn’t taken this up: no one really cares except a small subsection of unhinged Obama voters, who themselves refuse to practice what they preach. Dealing with global warming is dead last in a Pew poll, and generally comes in last or close to last among concerns for Americans, with things like the economy, jobs, deficit reduction, and pretty much everything else being more important than dealing with Hotcoldwetdry. But, the Man with a 41,000 metric ton “carbon footprint” wants to Do Something (that effects everyone else).

In a speech at Georgetown University, the president will lay out what the administration is billing as a comprehensive plan built on three pillars: cutting the nation’s carbon pollution, leading global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and preparing the United States for the impacts of climate change. As part of that effort, Mr. Obama on Tuesday will sign a presidential memorandum directing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to start engaging with states, the private sector and other stakeholders to set carbon pollution standards for both new and existing carbon power plants.

I guess he wants all you Americans to die, because your body, dear reader, is 18% carbon by mass. But, we aren’t talking about carbon, but carbon dioxide. If we want to talk science, we have to be specific. Calling CO2 carbon is like caller H20 “hydrogen”.

Nor is it pollution: it is a clear, colorless, odorless trace gas necessary for life on Earth, which tends to lag behind temperature, not precede it. If it makes the temperature go up, then why has the Earth seen a 15+ year pause in statistically significant warming? Oh, sorry, I forgot, Warmists are desperately peering into their crystal balls to find ways to blame other things, like that the heat is hiding in the deep ocean. It’s “the dog ate my warming” defense.

(USA Today) President Obama will announce new rules Tuesday to restrict carbon pollution at new and existing power plants, part of a comprehensive plan to combat climate change that he can put in place through executive action.

In a speech at Georgetown University, Obama will also direct the Interior Department to permit new wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects on public lands, enough to power more than 6 million homes by 2020.

New energy-efficiency projects are also part of the climate change plan, according to a blueprint provided by the White House.

So, he plans to hose middle and lower class Americans who are already suffering during the extended economic malaise during Obama’s presidency with artificially higher energy prices, leading to higher prices of everything else.

Then he will ruin our parks and open spaces with wind, solar, and other projects (ask the Brits how much they like their plan to do this in the UK), hooking up his campaign contributors, and all those homes will still need old school power plants because solar and wind are very inefficient. And these projects will be surely protested and blocked from actual construction by his enviroweenie base, like they often do.

Oh, and remember just how well all those “energy efficiency projects” worked with the Stimulus? Utter failure. And now he wants to do it again.

He’ll apparently use most of the speech attempting to scare Americans about “climate change”, using scientifically illiterate notions. He’ll blame all weather on Other People having carbon footprints. Yet, there has only been 1 actual hurricane strike during his entire time in office (and one could debate whether Isaac was a hurricane at landfall). Fire activity is down. Drought is switching to wet. The US had a very cool spring. Climate models are being shown to fail, and fail spectacularly.

It’s less than 4 miles from the White House to Georgetown U. He should bike it.

More: Anthony Watts has a copy of the plan, which he embargoed till this morning, and he breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly. I won’t steal his thunder by excerpting, go read the whole, but, will note

I’m not impressed at all with the Obama plan. It lacks real vision, and seems written mainly to appease activist groups. While there are some glimmers of positive things in it, the lack of a real way forward (solar, biofuels, and wind aren’t it) combined with new restrictions can only mean higher energy prices in our future, most of it due to government meddling in the free market.

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3 Responses to “Big Carbon Footprint Obama To Give His Deflection To Climate Change Speech Today”

  1. john says:

    Teach you weree all for putting that wind farm in between Cape Cod and martha’s vineyard weren’t you? 35% of all the new power in the last 5 years has come from wind.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    And of course the wind farm was attacked because the elite on Martha’s Vineyard didn’t like the view, but wanted wind farms in other people’s backyards.

    The Martha Vineyard’s project shows the hypocrisy of people like you john.

    Oh, and when you aren’t allowing other forms of energy, of course the percentage is going to be higher of new energy produced. The question is whether that energy negatively impact the environment and is economically viable.

    The answers are wind turbines hurt the environment and the cost is higher.

    Face it john, you are a hypocrite in that you don’t care about the middle class.

  3. Yes, I was, John, and still am. But, notice that the price has skyrocketed and we’ve also learned that it will supply less power than it was supposed to.

    What I am against is slapping wind turbines all over the countryside and causing the price of electricity to spike while still needing all the regular power plants. Ask the people of Oregon how much they like wind farms despoiling the state.

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