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Hey, Are Enviroweenies Annoying?

Even enviros might notice that they are (via Tom Nelson) (Bloomberg) For an answer, Dumb Question visited with Mark Tercek, president of the Nature Conservancy (TNC) and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker who has embraced “natural capital.” It’s the concept in environmental economics that natural systems, such as storm-blocking coastal wetlands or water collection, […]

Photo-shopping For Anti-Obesity Campaign: It’s For The Kids Or Something

These sure are some happy looking horizontally challenged kids (hat tip to Ashley Helms) (MSN News) Sponsors of a campaign that’s drawing ire say it’s meant to educate parents and create change since pictures of healthy, smiling kids don’t really work in targeting obesity. This is one before and after Photoshop job that’s not going […]

If All You See…

…is a horrid drought world caused by too many hurricanes, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Jawa Report, with a post proclaiming the new category, The Ministry Of Jiggly. Since I add the photo before searching for a story, some jiggly below the fold

Warmists Blame TS Andrea On “Climate Change”

It’s been over 2784 days since a major hurricane hit the United States. Only one actual hurricane (Isaac being a hurricane can be debated) has hit the US since 2008. There hasn’t even been that many tropical systems hitting the US. Major hurricane activity seems to occur during the PDO, and can be affected by […]

Climahysteric Of The Week: Google’s Eric Schmidt

Alternate headline: Guy whose company uses a ton of energy complains about Other People using energy. (Register) Google chairman Eric Schmidt has a low opinion of climate-change skeptics and global-warming deniers. “You can hold back knowledge, but you cannot prevent it from spreading,” Schmidt told his audience at his company’s “How Green Is the Internet? […]

Obama’s “Let’s Have A Debate” Defense

The Politico’s Josh Gerstein explains what that means The Obama administration has a familiar refrain on the surveillance of Americans’ telephone records: the president and his team are eager to have the debate. Eager, that is, only after others have brought the tactics to light and the administration has spent years employing them. On Guantanamo […]

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