Hey, Are Enviroweenies Annoying?

Even enviros might notice that they are (via Tom Nelson)

(Bloomberg) For an answer, Dumb Question visited with Mark Tercek, president of the Nature Conservancy (TNC) and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker who has embraced “natural capital.” It’s the concept in environmental economics that natural systems, such as storm-blocking coastal wetlands or water collection, are critical but largely unaccounted for in the industrial economy. Tercek is the author, with Jonathan S. Adams, of the recent book Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive by Investing in Nature.

DQ: Why do you think Americans don’t like environmentalists?

Mark Tercek: I don’t think people like to be told what to do or to be criticized. I know I don’t like it. And environmentalists, we kind of preach. Our choir likes it, or they agree with us. And it’s not like we’re wrong. We’re probably often right. But that preachy tone… (snip)

I came from Cleveland, Ohio. Most people in Cleveland, Ohio, don’t like environmentalists. Why? Because it does look like we’re troublemakers, or against stuff. We’re not realistic. We’re insensitive to the need for economic growth and jobs. We lecture. We criticize. Those are not qualities that people like. It’s not that obvious that we’re helping anyone.

Well, yeah, but I do think this applies more to the hardcores and especially those who link “climate change” to every single real environmental issue.

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One Response to “Hey, Are Enviroweenies Annoying?”

  1. Confused_Gumballs says:

    And it’s not like we’re wrong. We’re probably often right.

    That only makes sense if 1+1=3.

    And, nothing like having a really huge ego to endear you to those who you are trying to convince.

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