Warmists Blame TS Andrea On “Climate Change”

It’s been over 2784 days since a major hurricane hit the United States. Only one actual hurricane (Isaac being a hurricane can be debated) has hit the US since 2008. There hasn’t even been that many tropical systems hitting the US. Major hurricane activity seems to occur during the PDO, and can be affected by cold air aloft (the US has had one of the coldest springs in decades). Doesn’t matter, because “climate change” isn’t about science, and those who push it are brain dead

Wait, I thought the warming was hiding in the deep oceans?

Hmm, it was cooler during the 1950’s when hurricane activity was huge. And CO2 below 350ppm. And hurricane activity is at a historic low.

Tweeting uses energy, which causes Gaia to get hot and remove her clothes. You should stop.

How about you do something? Go carbon neutral, Warmists!

Leading from the golf course. Which are bad for “climate change”.

Searching “andrea global warming” finds fun

Warmists still can’t help themselves


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One Response to “Warmists Blame TS Andrea On “Climate Change””

  1. When did tropical storms become “extreme weather”?? Aren’t tropical storms a normal, nearly every day occurrence for near-equatorial regions? When did we have tropical storm watch parties or play-by-lay destruction and path alerts?

    OH… and now that is is a few days post formation, …. WHERE IS IT? So much for crossing florida and traversing up the coast and devastating all life on the planet. Guess since there wasn’t much energy or weather systems for it to feed on, … it died like most tropical storms do.

    Go figure.

    OK Johnny, it’s ok to come out of the basement now. The bad rain has gone away. We know you love to decry GLOBAL COMPLETE DEVASTATION every time it rains, but this event is pretty much over.

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