Democrats Working Hard To Win Supporters By Calling Them “Flat Earthers”

I never did touch on (NMP) Obama, The Man with the biggest carbon footprint in the world, calling those who do not believe in man caused “climate change” part of the flat earth society (btw, the president of the real Flat Earth Society is a Warmist). I had blogged enough on the subject, and we should all be used to Obama insulting people who do not agree with him at this point. That said, Katie Pavlich notes that the DNC is now pushing this in emails. I’ve opted out of all the DNC/Obama communiques post-election, was tired of the 5-10 a day.

Friend —

Just this week, President Obama announced his comprehensive plan to tackle climate change. And guess what? The climate-change deniers are already out in full force.

It’s astounding to me that in 2013 there are still people who claim that climate change isn’t real — a viewpoint with no basis in scientific fact.

But because these people have the backing of powerful special interests, they’ve been able to control much of the conversation in Washington and halt progress on these critical issues. And while I hate to say it, if we don’t act quickly to support the President, they might win again.

Will you stand up to climate-change deniers and stand with President Obama?

Under the President’s plan, we have a real chance to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a more sustainable future for our children, and our children’s children. But it won’t happen if we don’t act.

I can guarantee you that this will be a big fight — many Republicans will deny science and claim that “those liberals” are making it up. But you, me, and 97 percent of scientists know better — climate change is real and we have to act now before it’s too late.

As the President said, “we don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-earth society.” Stand up and fight today:



Patrick Gaspard
Executive Director

Wow, so many lies, so much scientific illiteracy, not enough time to cover it all. Funny how Democrats always seem to promote strife, rather than working together, eh?

BTW, 0.14F increase in global temperature since 1997. 0.28F since 1990. Not scary numbers.

Obama “carbon footprint”: 41,000 metric tons yearly. Average American CFP: 19 metric tons yearly. Interestingly, neither Obama nor the DNC mention what Warmists can do in their own lives to bring their own CFPs down.

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3 Responses to “Democrats Working Hard To Win Supporters By Calling Them “Flat Earthers””

  1. DL Sly says:

    “Interestingly, neither Obama nor the DNC mention what Warmists can do in their own lives to bring their own CFPs down.”

    I have a suggestion – they could personally stop expelling CO2 for, say, half and hour continuously. I’m sure that would do more for saving the world than any other cockamamie “For The Children” solution they will pull out of their fifth point of contact next.

    Buuutt….that’s just me.

  2. david7134 says:

    We need to file a freedom of information request to identify the people killed by global warming. That was another thing I could not believe. But then, anytime big O opens his mouth, a lie falls out.

    Then we need to ask what difference our sacrifice would make.

  3. GAI says:

    “We need to file a freedom of information request to identify the people killed by global warming. ”

    That is easy to answer. Just ask the pensioners in the UK.

    Feb 2012: Fuel poverty deaths three times higher than government estimates
    …Some 7,800 people die during winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes properly, says fuel poverty expert Professor Christine Liddell of the University of Ulster. That works out at 65 deaths a day…..

    So there you have it ‘Global Warming’ (belief therein) is killing 65 people a day in the UK and Obummer wants to do the same for the USA (Sure takes care of that pesky Social Security problem doesn’t it.)

    Of course if that doesn’t work Obummer has Obamacare to fall back on. I am sure US bureaucrats are studying the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ real hard.

    Four patients die thirsty or starving EVERY DAY on our hospital wards show damning new statistics
    * Data shows 1,316 deaths were linked to or directly caused by dehydration and malnutrition in 2010
    * Figures are far higher than in 2000, when 862 deaths were recorded
    * One hospital forced to prescribe drinking water for its patients

    Visiting a patient in a British hospital? Then take them food and water, just to be safe: … the NHS comes first in Europe when it comes to the percentage of hospital patients suffering malnutrition: a whopping 58%

    Top doctor’s chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year Professor says doctors use ‘death pathway’ to euthenasia of the elderly
    * Around 29 per cent of patients that die in hospital are on controversial ‘care pathway’

    Children placed on controversial ‘death pathway’

    Ministers order an inquiry into the care pathway payments that saw hospitals receive millions to implement controversial system
    * Several cases have been reported where patients have been put on Liverpool Care Pathway without their family’s knowledge
    * Liverpool Care Pathway through to be a part in 130,000 deaths of hospital patients every year

    The philosophy behind this stems from the likes of George Bernard Shaw Fabian Society and London School of Economics Co-founder. (Tony Blair is a fabian BTW) So is Clinton just search Tony Blair, Clinton, LSE, Gibbons, and the ‘Third Way’ and you will see all the interconnections.

    How eugenics poisoned the welfare state: A century ago many leading leftists subscribed to the vile pseudo-science of eugenics and the influence of that thinking can still be seen today

    And Leftists have the GALL to take the moral high ground???

    About time more blacks read things like this: Thousands Sterilized, a State [North Carolina] Weighs Restitution and Former eugenics founder Planned Parenthood director to lead President Barack Obama’s organization in North Carolina Then there is Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood, In Her Own Words, ….If you can stomach reading it.

    As a side note, if you are not aware of Rummel’s work you should be.

    Democide: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT By R.J. Rummel

    1. 169,202,000 Murdered: Summary and Conclusions [20th Century Democide]…

    …This is my fourth book in a series on genocide and government mass murder, what I call democide…

    After eight-years and almost daily reading and recording of men, women, and children by the tens of millions being tortured or beaten to death, hung, shot, and buried alive, burned or starved to death, stabbed or chopped into pieces, and murdered in all the other ways creative and imaginative human beings can devise, I have never been so happy to conclude a project. I have not found it easy to read time and time again about the horrors innocent people have been forced to suffer. What has kept me at this was the belief, as preliminary research seemed to suggest, that there was a positive solution to all this killing and a clear course of political action and policy to end it. And the results verify this. The problem is Power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom.

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