Man With Giant Carbon Footprint Squees Over Speech Given By Man With With Biggest CFP In World

If you guessed that the first was Al Gore, and he’s congratulating Obama for making a speech, you get a cookie. No beer. It contains CO2

(Al’s Journal) This was a terrific and historic speech, by far the best address on climate by any president ever.

I applaud the new measures announced by President Barack Obama this afternoon to help solve the climate crisis – particularly the decision to limit global warming pollution from existing as well as new power plants.

Like Obama, Gore is a 1%er who cares not a whit that these executive actions will cause real harm to middle and lower class Americans. John Kerry (another 1%er) told poor Indians that fighting hotcoldwet dry was more important than fighting poverty. Gore and Obama seem to agree with this notion.

This action – if followed by skillful and thorough execution of the plan – has the potential to fundamentally alter the course of our nation’s energy infrastructure development and help to promote a sustainable future. On the international front, this action will bolster U.S. credibility and moral authority in negotiations with other countries.

Meanwhile, many nations are moving away from all this silliness where they slap up solar and wind farms, because they haven’t been able to supply the necessary power as they suffered through the 4th harsh winter out of the past 5. Al doesn’t care about citizens, he cares about his money train.

As President Obama said today, history will judge the present generation by our success or failure in meeting and surmounting this existential challenge.

History will laugh at the unhinged madness of people like Gore and Obama who push their anti-science politics on people. Global temperatures have gone up a measly, and statistically insignificant, 0.14F since 1997, per the UK Met Office. And just 0.28F since 1990.

And last time I checked, denigrating people who do not believe in anthropogenic “climate change” and believing that we need to Do Something is highly un-presidential and shows a profound inability to lead. But let’s stick with that denigrating thing, because we already know Obama has never been and is still not a leader.

(Climate Depot) “President Obama is still parading his ignorance on climate science, linking bad weather to “global warming”, claiming a mythical 97% consensus, and implying that his executive actions can alter the globe’s temperature and lessen extreme weather events. The President has descended into the realm of medieval witchcraft by claiming he can combat global temperature rises and weather patterns through administrative action. Let the battle begin.”

Obama’s speech was purely political, a way he could institute more Big Government, more taxation, and more control of the economy. There was no science involved. The Arctic is at a 10 year high. Tornadoes and hurricane strikes are at record lows. The US climate is flipping from drought to wet, usually a sign of decreased solar activity (more cosmic rays strike the Earth, creating more clouds). And….it doesn’t matter, “climate change” is not about science, but an extension of the Progressive (nice fascists) political agenda.

The last people we should be listening to are those with “carbon footprints” that are many, many times larger than the average American’s. No one has done a calculation for Gore, but it is whoppingly big. Obama’s is at least 41,000 metric tons. The average American’s is 19 metric tons. I’ll listen to anyone who practices what they preach. Few Warmists do.

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  3. Freezing_Gumballs says:

    Just more government by fiat.
    Expect more to come.
    I have no more hope.

  4. Ssshhhh, I think the NSA is watching.

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