Crazy Warmist: Put A Bag On Your Head And Find Out If CO2 Is A Poison

Personally, I think Warmists should find out by giving up their own fossil fueled travel, since they hate fossil fuels so darned much, but they always have an excuse as to why they can’t do that, usually followed by some canned speech about how some Other Guy should have to be made to Do Something to stop Hotcoldwetdry (via Junk Science)

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait attacked the recent pro-carbon dioxide Wall Street Journal op-ed by Will Happer and Harrison Schmidt in a SETI Institute podcast (around 6:50 into the audio) stating:

Of all the bang-your-head-against-the-desk articles, that was the weirdest, the most egregiously wrong, that carbon dioxide is just plant food and if there’s more carbon dioxide we’ll get more plants.

Well, you know, this idea that carbon dioxide is not a poison, is just a natural product, has been going around in denier circles and it’s ridiculous.

If you don’t think that carbon dioxide is a poison, you know, tie a plastic bag over your head for an hour or two and let me know, because yes, in certain circumstances, it’s very dangerous.

As Steve Milloy points out, you won’t die from CO2, but from lack of oxygen (there isn’t time to die from carbon monoxide poisoning).

CO2 is primarily a natural gas (the seas put out 16 times what all of Mankind does) which is necessary for the lifecycle of the Earth. Plants, bushes, trees, and plankton need it to generate oxygen for animals, fish, and mankind to breathe. It also tends to lag behind temperature increases. It’s also a trace atmospheric gas, accounting for a tiny portion of all the gases, around .04%. Plants grow faster the higher the CO2 concentration. And, despite Warmist prognostication, global temperature increase is not following the predicted path, having statistically stalled since 1997.

However, is it any wonder a Warmist degenerates into murderous fantasies?

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One Response to “Crazy Warmist: Put A Bag On Your Head And Find Out If CO2 Is A Poison”

  1. blick says:

    Bad Astronomers should not do bad chemistry. Its the lack of oxygen that kills.

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