What Say To “Eco-Friendly” Psychiatry?

No, seriously. Apparently nutjob Warmists and envirowackos need mental health (via Climate Depot and Junk Science)

Eco-Psychiatry: Why We Need to Keep the Environment in Mind

If you’re thinking, “Aren’t I already dealing with a lot in my daily practice?” you are invited to spend the next few minutes listening to what Dr Steven Moffic has to say about how the environment may be affecting your patients and what impact ecologically-related syndromes might have on DSM-5.

You know about seasonal affective disorder (SAD), of course. But do you know about solastalgia? Nature deficiency disorder? Ecopsychotherapy?

Here—Dr Moffic briefly addresses these 4 issues. He also addressed eco-psychiatry along with a special surprise guest at the APA meeting as part of the Presidential Symposia on Envisioning a New Psychiatry: Radical Perspectives.

. What is eco-friendly psychiatry?
. Why is it unethical for psychiatrists to not be concerned with the ecology, such as climate change, noise, and toxins?
. Given the imminent launch of DSM-5, are there any ecologically-related syndromes that should be considered?
. How can psychiatrists practice in a manner that is respectful to the environment? (snip)

Some new syndromes are emerging. One is Nature Deficit Disorder, with a book of the same name, where children who stay indoors to play on computers are more distractible and miss the calming effect of nature, let alone coming to love nature. People who live near trees and parks have lower levels of cortisol. Without that location, it is important to take daily breaks in nature. In Australia, solastalgia has been coined—a kind of grief for the changes in one’s home environment (in contrast to the nostalgia of leaving home). We know of climate refugees with PTSD. There is good research data to indicate that warming in already warm areas is associated with more violence. Poor areas are usually effected the most. Given that one of our ethical principles is to address community needs, this is one.

We should probably ask Dr. McCoy, too

Oh, BTW, it’s the middle of May, and some areas of Britain just saw several inches of snow.

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