Gang Of 8 Immigration Bill Will Supposedly Be Revenue Neutral

These people think you’re stupid

(The Hill) Members of the Gang of Eight say their immigration reform bill will not add a dime to the nation’s deficit.

That anticipated Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score will defy conservative policy experts who recently claimed the measure would cost trillions of dollars.

The bill’s authors expect the CBO to release an estimate in early June showing it will be deficit neutral.

“If CBO comes back and says it doesn’t, then we’ll likely address the fees, the fines accordingly,” said Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a member of the gang.

The CBO is going to switch from its normal method of static scoring and will use a dynamic scoring method. Hey, remember when we were told that Obamacare would be revenue neutral? Then we found out it would tax more, spend more, and add to the deficit? That it isn’t deficit neutral and will also add significantly to the public costs? I wonder if the CBO score will highlight how the government, at the state and federal levels, will surely ignore the provision that stops these folks “coming out of the shadows” from receiving government benefits? Everyone with a working brain knows this will happen. Democrats know they will make this happen.

The budget office has announced it will depart from its usual practice and apply a dynamic scoring model to estimate the costs of the law over the next decade. This is good news for the Gang of Eight because the model will factor in the expected economic boost provided by millions of new legal workers. Projecting higher tax revenue from increased economic activity will produce a more favorable budgetary outlook.

Exactly how will this economic boost work? Especially if there are no jobs in this Obamaeconomy, where 7 million Americans have given up and dropped out of the jobs market. Where the employment to population count is in Jimmy Carter era numbers. It’s an employers market right now, and dumping millions of new potential workers into the marketplace will only make it worse.

Where is this economic boost? Will it be companies who shouldn’t be hiring illegals at below market wages now having to pay them a lot more? Companies hiring at lower and lower starting wages with so many workers around? Or will it be Government hiring vast amounts of new employees to administer this crapsandwich of a bill? It surely won’t be from people taking jobs teaching illegals English, because we know that provision won’t be enforced. It could be people making more and more signs, and forms for Obamacare, in other languages than English!

There can’t be higher tax revenues from people making less and more people sitting around not working.

We know that Democrats are very much against restricting illegals from receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit, having voted to leave it in the Shamnesty II bill.

And we can also see

(Washington Times) Less than 24 hours after senators powered their immigration bill through committee, the legislation came under fire in the House, where the former head of immigration enforcement testified that it has too many loopholes that could delay enforcement, let dangerous people in, and hamstring agents from fighting illegal immigration in the future.

Key House Republican lawmakers, meanwhile, signaled their worries over the Senate bill, saying they worried it repeated some of the mistakes of the last amnesty in 1986, which auditors said was rife with fraud and failed to follow through on promises of better enforcement.

“I cannot find any deadline by which the border is to be secured,” said Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, at a hearing called to poke holes in the Senate bill.

This whole bill is about getting as many people into positions where they are Democrat voters and dependent on the Government. Everything else is window dressing, no matter how it is position. I will say that it would be wise for the Republicans in the House should come out with their own competing bill that is tough, fair, gives most a legal status that is for work only but not a path to citizenship, doesn’t allow all the members of the families to come to the US legally, truly secures the border and tracks those coming on visas, and truly restricts the use of government services.

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