Oops: The Greek Yogurt Fad Creates Massive Amounts Of Fish Killing Acid Whey

No, this has nothing to do with “climate change”, but a real environmental issue

(Grist) Bad news, Fage fans and Chobani lovers (we’re gonna call you “Chobuccaneers”). All that Greek yogurt you’re eating is creating a toxic byproduct: gallons upon gallons upon gallons of acid whey.

This is the same whey that Miss Muffett so enjoyed. Apparently she was a fish-hating sociopath in addition to being an arachnophobe. Modern Farmer reports:

It’s a thin, runny waste product that can’t simply be dumped. Not only would that be illegal, but whey decomposition is toxic to the natural environment, robbing oxygen from streams and rivers. That could turn a waterway into what one expert calls a “dead sea,” destroying aquatic life over potentially large areas. Spills of cheese whey, a cousin of Greek yogurt whey, have killed tens of thousands of fish around the country in recent years.

They’re paying farmers to take it off their hands, but there’s only so much they can do with it. So, they’re looking at other methods, but they require massive filtration that still leaves a mess. All these methods can require lots of capital investment.

PS: this is why I get upset when Warmists put real environmental issues under the banner of “climate change”: we need to deal with things like the above on their own. Not that they did it in this case, but, environmental issues are real.

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2 Responses to “Oops: The Greek Yogurt Fad Creates Massive Amounts Of Fish Killing Acid Whey”

  1. john says:

    That article seemed to indicate that they were making good progress into finding profitable uses for it.

  2. I say blue, you say banana.

    I would have thought you would have agreed with me on the potential ecological damage. Guess not.

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