Bummer: AGW May Have No Impact On Tropical Lizards

The same lizards that survived through previous cool and warm (much warmer than today) periods, as well as the last glacial period. It’s almost like they adapt to survive climatic changes or something

(Science) A new Dartmouth College study finds human-caused climate change may have little impact on many species of tropical lizards, contradicting a host of recent studies that predict their widespread extinction in a rapidly warming planet.

The findings appear in the journal Global Change Biology.

Most predictions that tropical cold-blooded animals, especially forest lizards, will be hard hit by climate change are based on global-scale measurements of environmental temperatures, which miss much of the fine-scale variation in temperature that individual animals experience on the ground, said the article’s lead author, Michael Logan, a Ph.D. student in ecology and evolutionary biology.

You mean lizards are able to survive in a range of temps? Weird.

The overall results suggest that global-scale predictions generated using low-resolution temperature data may overestimate the vulnerability of many tropical lizards to climate change.

Life on Earth is able to survive in a wide range of temps. Look at your fish tank. If the temps change a degree or two do the fish immediately die? Or, is thermometer in a wider range? I’ve had tanks for decades, from big to small. Fish do fine in a range between 68 and 82. That’s short term. In the long term, life adapts. Warmists attempt to create studies with “low-resolution variability” in order to make doom worthy prognostications. The reality of life on Earth says different.

PS: Ye Olde NY Times editorial board is whining about “climate change” and hitting CO2 at 400ppm, failing to note that it did not happen. And they really want Obama to use executive action, something they were dead set against when President Bush was in office.

And, dangnabit all, they still use fossil fueled vehicles to deliver their tree killing editions, and refuse to do away with their air conditioning.

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6 Responses to “Bummer: AGW May Have No Impact On Tropical Lizards”

  1. john says:

    Yes life will adapt or die. If you are a comparatively well of human on the planet, things will not be much different. But if you are already living a marginal existence things will be more difficult. Most humans do not have access to air-conditioning. Most humans on the planet can not afford to eat air shipped fish if their local sources fail.

  2. That’s interesting, because you Warmists refuse to give up your own AC but want to deny people in 3rd world areas AC. All for a fake issue with no basis in science.

    I suspect it’s because Warmists hate blacks, Asians, and Latinos

  3. Mike G. says:

    Funny thing about tropical lizards, though. If there is a sudden cold snap as happened in South Florida a few years ago, the lizards can’t cope and die.

    You used to see Iguanas all over the place beside the roads next to the canals of the inter-coastal waterway. Now you don’t see them anymore. People saw them just falling out of the trees. It could have been that the cold made it harder for them to dodge predators or it could have been that the large homeless population down there had a feast when the colder weather made them easier to catch.

  4. Did you catch the video that news stations in Fla set up to catch them falling out of the trees a few years ago?

  5. Mike G. says:

    I missed that, probably because we only go down there from Thanksgiving til Christmas doing the Christmas tree thing every year. And we didn’t have much time to watch TV. Probably happened after we came back home to Carolina.

  6. Freezin_Gumballs says:

    LOL.. free pre-chilled lizard burritos.

    I am also wondering how lizards survive the 130degree deserts or the 40 degree high sierra deserts. That’s almost a 100 degree difference. How is that possible john? I’m wondering why those lifeforms would ever migrate in to inhospitable areas, huh?

    I wonder if the other previous global climate alterations ever affected species? Probably not since this is the very first time in all of galactic history that any species were affected in any way shape or form from a rise in 0.14F temperature rise.

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