Watcha Reading?

Well, let’s see now. I never did start on Darkest Hour (The Lockman Chronicles #3), but I will eventually read it. Instead, I went with A Line In The Sand by Justin Burgess, and excellent book about what happens if the US turns against the military, treating military members and veterans with a complete lack of respect, and a man rises to be President who guts the military. But, there is a conspiracy (won’t tell you more). It involves several characters, most especially a military member railroaded for having a gun (which are mostly illegal, especially for military members and vets). I got it when it was free, but worth it for $3.99 at Amazon.

Finished that, now on to Outside Context Problem, an interesting book in the vein of Larry Niven’s Footfall and Harry Turtledove’s Worldwar series. It’s not the greatest writing style (not that I could do better), a bit sophomoric, but the overall concept is excellent, as are the characters, the plot, and the buildup.

What’s on your radar.

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One Response to “Watcha Reading?”

  1. Gumballs_of_Note says:

    Welp, I finally finished Wheel of Time. And I have to say that the Robert Jordan series was finished marvelously and in great tense dramatic fashion by Brandon Sanderson.

    I am now going back to Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve read the 1st book when the movie came out, now I’m going back and am in to the 2nd book.

    After that, I plan to dive in to the Alex Hawke series.

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