Warmists Trot Out New “97% Consensus” Paper

I first caught this over at Grist

An international team of scientists analyzed the abstracts of 11,944 peer-reviewed papers published between 1991 and 2011 dealing with climate change and global warming. That’s right — we’re talking about 20 years of papers, many published long before Superstorm Sandy, last year’s epic Greenland melt, or Australia’s “angry summer.”

About two-thirds of the authors of those studies refrained from stating in their abstracts whether human activity was responsible for climate change. But in those papers where a position on the claim was staked out, 97.1 percent endorsed the consensus position that humans are, indeed, cooking the planet.

Hence, because 97.1% where they did stake a claim state that Mankind is responsible, we have a new meme of 97 out of 100 climate scientists blaming Man. I’d love to know just how we’re cooking the planet when the global temps have gone up just 0.28 degrees Fahrenheit since 1990, the year prior to the start of looking at climate papers.

Jo Nova provides some takeaways from this New Climate Denier paper, produced by Warmist John Cook

  • Thousands of papers support man-made climate change, but not one found the evidence that matters
  • Cook’s study shows 66% of papers didn’t endorse man-made global warming
  • Some of these abstracts are 20 years old — does two decades of new evidence change anything?
  • Naiomi Oreskes found 928 papers with abstracts that didn’t explicitly reject man-made global warming. So? Skeptics found 1,100 papers that support skeptical views.
  • You want authority? Skeptics can name 31,500 scientists who agree, including 9,000 PhDs, 45 NASA experts (including two astronauts who walked on the moon) and two Nobel Prize winners in physics.

Ms. Nova provides a total of 12 clues that should make people sit up and take notice as to the fallacy of Cook’s 97% consensus paper. Make sure to read them all.

Unsurprisingly, the UK Guardian pushed the meme of almost unanimous concensus, but, as Steve Milloy points out, 8,000 papers did not take a position.

Anthony Watts likewise chimes in, pointing out that just 32.6% of the papers took a position. And let’s consider that the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) craze had started just a few years prior to the start of the study sample, a time when scientists were very interested to see if Mankind had its fingerprints on the big warming that occurred starting in the late 70’s (right after they were worried about a coming ice age). With the fall of Communism, many of these scientists were coming in with an agenda to push Progressive Big Government, which was easily pushed with barely any way for people to get real information from a media that felt the same way. With the true rise of the Internet people were able to start seeing the real data and reality in the 2000’s. And let’s not forget that taking a position is not always the same as science.

Don’t expect any media outlets which push this new 97% meme to really let people know the true math, namely that it is 97% of just 32.6%.

Brandon Shollenberger digs deeper

Remembering AGW stands for anthropogenic global warming, or global warming caused by humans, take a minute to let that sink in.  This study done by John Cook and others, praised by the President of the United States, found more scientific publications whose abstracts reject global warming than say humans are primarily to blame for it.

Read the whole post as to why.

Oh, and here’s the totally independent from Obama Organizing For Obama Action

Will they tell Obama to stop taking so many fossil fueled trips?

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2 Responses to “Warmists Trot Out New “97% Consensus” Paper”

  1. mojo says:

    Science is not a democracy. “Consensus” doesn’t mean squat.

    “Were my theory unsound, one voice would be enough to destroy it.”
    — Albert Einstein

  2. john says:

    31,000 scientists sure seems liek a lot until you compare it to the total number in taht group of “scientists” which would be what ? 1 million? Teach 97% of people who specialize in that science believe in global warming. Americans now believe not because of those papers but because of their own eyes. Teach growing up did you ever skate on natural ice? I did all the time I was in high school before I skated on artifically cooled ice.

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