Does Anyone In This Administration Know Anything?

Obama knows nothing.

Jay Carney knows nothing.

Eric Holder knows nothing.

Hillary Clinton knew nothing.

Susan Rice only knew what she was told.

Acting IRS head Steven Miller Knows nothing.

In most cases, if this were a private sector corporation, all those people would be “promoted to customer”. Terminated for incompetence. Summarily dismissed. But, this is government, where failing to answer questions is the norm, where not having the information (or pretending to not have it) is the norm.

There are no adults in charge. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in charge.

And people wonder why Conservatives complain about the size and scope of Government.

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5 Responses to “Does Anyone In This Administration Know Anything?”

  1. Kevin says:

    Does Anyone In This Administration Know Anything?

    Yes, there is an intern who knew what was going on and approved of it. So they fired him. Scandals solved. It’s time to leave Obama and Holder alone so they can get back to solving all of our troubles with more regulations and taxes.

  2. david7134 says:

    I do find it amazing that the best defense that these people have in incompetence. We need less government, fewer employees, fewer laws, but we will likely get more.

  3. What_Gumballs says:

    Ok… why isn’t anyone asking why haven’t they been fired for NOT knowing anything? You spend your day in front of the Congressional Committee and all you say is “I don’t know”. that means you are either incompetent or not doing your job managing the department. FIRE THEIR ASSES for either reason.

    By my estimation, there should be about 200 people fired and about a dozen sent to jail over these various scandals.

    How long has Holder stonewalled Congress on Fast & Furious? Why are they letting him skate? Go arrest his ass. And now he’s not doing his job, and doesn’t know IF he is doing his job re: AP scandal.

    If the Repubs don’t make heads roll with all of these massive corruption-laiden scandals.. then the whole experiment we’ve tried here is toast.

  4. Public Domain says:

    The Queen of IDK

    I just don’t remember.
    I just can’t recall,
    If I saw or heard something
    I’ve forgotten it all
    I’m such a ‘Hands On’ Gal
    Keepin’ my eye on the ball
    Communicating with me
    Was like talking to the wall
    The situations were intense
    I couldn’t process it all
    Really I don’t remember
    I just can’t recall

    Now I won’t take the Fifth
    And I won’t take the Fall
    At Congressional inquiries
    I’m the Queen of Stonewall
    Whitewater to Benghazi
    I’m on the legal ball
    I shout “What does it matter!?’
    ‘Now after all?!”

    Don’t know! Don’t remember!
    I just can’t recall!
    I was seeing double
    With injuries crani-all
    Nothing, I know Nothing!
    I Know nothing at ALL !!!

    Remember Hillary 2016

  5. What_Gumballs says:

    That is hugely freakin HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

    Ok, you just won the internet for today.

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